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Nissi Ogulu (born August 1, 1994), Professionally known as Nissination is a sister to one of the bigwig Nigerian celebrity and Grammy Award winner, Burna Boy

Nissi is a Nigerian singer, musician, entrepreneur, graphic artist, engineer, and animator. She happens to be the youngest child and second daughter of Bose Ogulu

Nissi hails from River state, born in Portharcourt into one great family bundled with high creativity. Her grandfather, Benson Idonije, happens to be Fela Kuti’s direct manager and also a radio broadcaster. 

Early Life

Nissi’s musical life began when she was still very young; at age 6, she learned to play piano from her grandfather and also learned how to record a track. 

At age nine, Nissi started singing and getting familiar with other instruments. She grew up surrounded by good music and became a music lover, inspired by Fela and Jazz being who was her favorite.

Nissi is an extraordinary girl who picked up various careers in her life, making her to be known as the “The Jack of all trades.” 

She’s currently signed to Spaceship Entertainment. she described her style of music as exceptional, and combining her artistry and music makes her a unique icon in the industry. Nissi stated that she also began to display her artistry skills at age four while learning the keyboard. She became very ambitious at a tender age and always brought every artistry picture in her mind to reality.


Nissi attended Corona secondary school in Lagos and the royal high school in Bath, UK. And with the fact that it is sporadic to see women embarking on their years into engineering courses, Nissi being a determinant, she came out with a reputable degree in Mechanical Engineering. She also studied Design at Uk Warwick University.


Nissi began singing at a very early age. Being a competent and creative vocalist with a unique message, she made a name for herself in the industry. However, she’s also a designer and engineer who has also achieved great success in the automotive industry. She also runs an animation company that designs for sale.

After years of multiple freestyling, Nissi finally decided to record her first single in 2016, which she titled “Pay attention “and described the song as what everyone needs to do and urged everybody to listen to it and pay attention to even the minor things they think don’t count. The song didn’t do so well, but she was determined and already making a name for her family alongside his brother, Burna Boy.


  • 1Gravity
  • Ignite
  • Move x2
  • Trouble
  • Hold
  • Judi
  • Babalawo

Personal Life

Nissi has kept her personal life private from social media. 

Nissi is not married or engaged, and we’re yet to know if she’s into any relationship as she doesn’t flaunt any hits on her pages.

She is the youngest of the Ogulu family. She grew up along with her siblings, Burna Boy and Ronami.

Her parent, Bose Ogulu and Samuel Ogulu. Her mother is the CEO and founder of the Spaceship Collective.

Social media 

Twitter @Nissination

Instagram @Nissination

Net Worth

Nissi’s net worth is approximate $850,000 -$900,000.

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