July 24, 2024

Toyin Abraham, a prominent Nigerian actress, filmmaker, and producer, is well-known for her significant contributions to Nollywood. She has starred in and produced numerous hit movies, including the popular “Alakada” series. The latest instalment, “Alakada! Bad and Boujee,” is set to premiere in December 2024.

Abraham has faced several challenges in her career, notably dealing with the impacts of piracy. She revealed that piracy of her works, including her film “Malaika,” led to severe stress, panic attacks, and hospitalization. She spent around N500 million on “Malaika,” which was pirated shortly after its release. Despite these difficulties, she continues to fight against piracy to protect intellectual property rights within the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Toyin has also been involved in political controversies. She received significant backlash for her public support of Bola Tinubu, Nigeria’s president. This criticism extended to her social media platforms, where she was frequently attacked by fans and netizens. In response, Abraham has tried to balance her political views with her career, urging critics to share their opinions respectfully.

Recently, Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has been involved in a controversy with a Twitter user known as @Yarlo. The conflict began when the user made a highly disturbing tweet and comment wishing death upon Toyin Abraham’s son, writing, “Your son go kpai soon” (meaning “Your son will soon die”). Toyin responded by promising to make an example out of the user, to which @Yarlo provocatively replied, “Use me as the first scapegoat”.

The situation escalated when @Yarlo was reportedly arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for cyberbullying Toyin Abraham. This arrest was confirmed by a friend of @Yarlo, who took to social media to seek help, revealing that @Yarlo had been detained for four days.

This incident has drawn significant attention due to Toyin Abraham’s prominent support for President Bola Tinubu, which has made her a target for online criticism and attacks. Despite the backlash, Toyin’s actions highlight her zero-tolerance policy towards harmful online behaviour, especially when it involves threats to her family.

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