July 23, 2024

Sarah Idaji Ojone, widely recognized by her moniker Saidaboj, is a burgeoning and aesthetically pleasing content creator whose prominence soared recently due to a highly publicized clash with the renowned Nigerian human rights activist, Verydarkblackman.

Hailing presumably from Kogi State, Saidaboj swiftly captured public interest, amassing a substantial following on various social media platforms, with Instagram being a notable highlight. The young content creator’s rise to fame was accentuated by her engaging and captivating online presence.

The catalyst for Saidaboj’s surge into the limelight was her contentious dispute with Verydarkblackman. The rift stemmed from Verydarkblackman’s controversial remarks about women, specifically his assertion that they engage in explicit activities to fulfill their desires—a sentiment echoing the lyrics of the song by OdumoduBlvck “IF SHE NO F**K OH IF SHE NO S**K (prrrra). WHO GO PAY FOR HER WIG AND HAND BAG”. 

In response, Saidaboj took a stand against Verydarkblackman, vehemently defending her dignity and advocating for women’s rights. This clash unfolded online, with both parties airing their views and sentiments, leading to a heated and widely debated controversy.

The dispute between Saidaboj and Verydarkblackman has not shown signs of resolution, as both individuals continue to engage in a public exchange, seemingly reveling in the attention and recognition it brings. 

Some social media users, however, have interpreted this ongoing feud as a strategic move for clout by both parties, suggesting that they might be leveraging the controversy to solidify their positions in the social media sphere.

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