May 20, 2024

Martins Black Vincent (1994; Age: 30 years) is a celebrated Nigerian celebrity and controversial content creator who has devoted himself to the cause of human activism. He is also known professionally as VeryDarkman or VeryDarkblackman. 

He has gained immense popularity on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where he has become a sensation for his relentless efforts to expose skincare brands lacking essential certifications and other lawbreakers and criminals. Vincent is widely acknowledged as a leading advocate for public safety on his TikTok and Instagram pages, earning widespread support from the audience.

Additionally, he is famous for his distinctive slang, ‘Don’t Play, You’ll Learn, or You’ll Learn the Hard Way,’ which has further contributed to his notoriety and influence in the digital realm.”

Early Life 

Verydarkman, also known as Black Man, hails from Edo state, Nigeria, where he was born and raised. His formative years were spent in this culturally rich and vibrant region, shaping his perspective and values.

While his activism and public presence are well-documented, there is a noticeable absence of publicly available information regarding his family background and educational history. These aspects of his life remain undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to the persona of this dedicated activist.

Career & Controversy

Very Dark Man is widely recognized as a passionate activist who uses his TikTok platform to advocate for public safety. His recent focus shifted towards scrutinizing the skincare industry, particularly Dorindas, a brand promoted by Nkechi Blessing

Notably, Nkechi Blessing has faced criticism for using filters while endorsing the product, capturing Very Dark Man’s attention. In a live video session, he openly accused Dorindas of lacking a valid NAFDAC registration number, raising serious concerns about its legitimacy.

In response to Very Dark Man’s allegations, Nkechi Blessing promptly defended herself and her brand during a live Instagram broadcast, asserting her refusal to remain silent in the face of such accusations¹. However, the confrontation didn’t end there. Nkechi Blessing took a more aggressive approach, publicly revealing that Very Dark Man resided in a one-room apartment and was enduring financial struggles, intensifying the feud.

Very Dark Man’s activism extends beyond Dorindas. He recently took legal action against Jenny’s Glow, a skincare brand notorious for lacking NAFDAC registration and reportedly causing harm to its customers’ skin. 

According to reports, Jenny’s Glow faced scrutiny after NAFDAC officials sealed off its Abuja branch due to allegations of fake product generation and falsified NAFDAC approvals. This incident occurred shortly after Very Dark Man published a video outrightly calling out Jenny’s Glow for its alleged counterfeit products and lack of authenticity.

Personal Life

Verydarkman’s personal life is as intriguing as his online persona suggests. Standing tall and exuding a well-built figure, he carries himself with confidence and charisma that extends beyond his TikTok activism. He has a remarkable presence, with his physical stature matching his strong online presence.

As of the latest available information, there is no public disclosure or record regarding Darkman’s current relationship status. While he maintains a degree of privacy concerning his personal life, it is widely believed, based on the absence of any confirmed relationships in the public eye, that he is currently leading a single lifestyle. 

Apart from his dedication to raising awareness through social media, Verydarkman is also a passionate music lover. He often immerses himself in the world of melodies and beats, showing a keen appreciation for various genres of music. It’s not uncommon to find him vibing to the latest hits or exploring the classics that have stood the test of time.

One notable event in Verydarkman’s personal life was his attendance at Patoranking’s album listening party. This demonstrates his deep connection to the music industry and his willingness to engage with fellow artists and enthusiasts. His presence at such events reflects his genuine enthusiasm for music and his desire to support and celebrate the talents within the industry.

Behind the scenes, Verydarkman is known to be a sweet and happy individual. Despite his fierce online persona, he carries a warmth that makes him approachable and relatable. He uses his platform not only to call out the fake ones but also to spread positivity and encouragement, reminding his followers to stay true to themselves and to always strive for authenticity.

Martins has consistently voiced his vehement disdain for fraudulent activities, making it abundantly clear that he holds strong ethical principles against any form of deception or dishonesty. His public persona reflects a commitment to integrity and transparency, and there is no known instance or credible information to suggest any involvement in fraudulent practices.

Presently, he calls Abuja home, residing in the federal capital of Nigeria but he has also made a visit to lagos state when he was invited by one of Nigerian’s famous musician, Davido. He had the opportunity of chilling with Davido, the 30BGs and Cubana Chiefpriest.

Social Media

Net Worth

VeryDarkBlackMan net worth could be estimated to be approximately US$1,000 – US$5,000.

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