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Nkechi Blessing Sunday (born February 14, 1989) is a renowned and multifaceted Nigerian actress, producer, entrepreneur, and influential figure in the realm of social media. Her exceptional acting prowess and dynamic personality have solidified her status as a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Early Life

Nkechi Blessing’s early life was rooted in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria, where she spent her formative years. Her passion for acting blossomed from a young age, and she nurtured dreams of establishing a successful career in the entertainment industry. 

Despite the challenges that lay ahead, her unwavering determination and innate talent served as the driving forces behind her journey to stardom.

Nkechi’s heritage connects her to one of the communities within the 17 local government areas of Abia State, situated in Nigeria’s culturally rich Southeast region.

Her educational journey commenced at Olu Abiodun Nursery and Primary School in Lagos for her primary education. Subsequently, she continued her studies at Barachel Model College in Lagos. Fueling her passion for the arts, Nkechi enrolled in a six-month diploma program in theatre arts at Lagos State University, further honing her skills in the craft. Later, she pursued a degree in International Relations at Houdegbe North American University.

In 2008, shortly after graduating from Lagos State University, Nkechi’s talent and fervour for acting caught the attention of her friend, “Kemi Korede,” who recognized her potential and cast her in the film “Omo Bewaji.” This marked a pivotal moment in her career trajectory. 

Her exceptional performance led her to the doorstep of Emeka Duru, who offered her a significant supporting role in two movies directed by the esteemed Emem Isong, namely “Through The Fire” and “Entanglement” in 2009. These early opportunities served as stepping stones in her burgeoning career, setting the stage for Nkechi Blessing Sunday to become the accomplished actress and influential figure she is today.


Nkechi Blessing Sunday embarked on her journey in the acting world in 2008, marking the inception of a remarkable career. Swiftly, she garnered recognition for her exceptional performances, distinguishing herself as a standout talent in the Nigerian entertainment scene. 

Her versatility as an actress became evident as she effortlessly transitioned between Nollywood movies and Yoruba-language films, leaving an indelible mark in both realms. Some of her noteworthy works include “Omoge Lekki,” “Church Prodigies,” “Torera,” and “Unbreakable,” all of which showcased her range and acting prowess.

Beyond her acting pursuits, Nkechi Blessing expanded her horizons into film production. Her foray into production underscored her multifaceted talent and reinforced her position as a significant contributor to the Nigerian film industry. Her productions added depth to her already impressive resume.

In tandem with her work in the entertainment sphere, Nkechi Blessing emerged as a prominent presence on social media platforms. Her online persona was characterized by candour and outspokenness, traits that resonated with her fans. She employed her social media platforms to engage with her audience, addressing pertinent social issues and creating a vibrant and interactive online community. 

This online charisma translated into a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, where her lively and unapologetic personality resonated with a diverse audience.

Nkechi Blessing’s career, while marked by her undeniable talent and accomplishments, also ventured into the realm of controversy. She was no stranger to public feuds and disagreements with fellow celebrities and social media users. 

These controversies, at times, attracted significant media attention, further solidifying her public profile and cementing her status as a prominent personality in the Nigerian entertainment landscape. Her ability to navigate these challenges with resilience added layers to her persona and contributed to her enduring presence in the industry.


  • Omo Bewaji (2008)
  • Through The Fire (2009)
  • Entanglement (2009)
  • Eja Nla (2016)
  • Church Prodigies (2017)
  • Unbreakable (2017)
  • Torera (2018)
  • Omoge Lekki (2019)
  • The Ring (2019)
  • Fate of Alakada (2020)
  • Celebrity Marriage (2020)
  • Dognapped (2020)
  • Aje Oja (2020)
  • Nneka The Pretty Serpent (2020)
  • Introducing The Kujus (2020)
  • Fate of Alakada(2020)
  • The Cleanser (2021)
  • Amerah(2021)

Award & Nomination

  • City People Movie Award (2018)

Personal Life

On June 10, 2021, Nkechi Blessing whois presently 35-years old shared a momentous announcement with her followers, officially confirming her marriage to Ekiti politician Falegan Opeyemi David. This revelation was significant as it coincided with her husband’s birthday, a day marked by celebration and love. Through her Instagram Story, Nkechi shared a collection of heartfelt photos from their wedding, symbolizing the commencement of their marital journey and providing a glimpse into their joyous union.

However, life took an unexpectedly tragic turn for Nkechi Blessing on September 23, 2021. On this fateful day, she faced the heart-wrenching loss of her mother, Gloria Obasi Sunday. This devastating event unfolded at an exceptionally challenging juncture in her life, just as she was on the verge of launching her premium movies at Lagos’s largest theatre. The collision of profound grief and professional commitments undoubtedly presented Nkechi with an emotionally tumultuous period.

Adding further complexity to her personal narrative, on April 6, 2022, Nkechi Blessing took to her Instagram account to announce the dissolution of her 10-month-old marital relationship with Falegan Opeyemi David. The public revelation of this significant life change added a layer of vulnerability to her public persona.

Nkechi Blessing, renowned for her outspoken and unconventional personality within the Nollywood industry, found herself embroiled in controversy when a young man named Verydarkman shared a video critiquing her. In the video, he accused Nkechi of endorsing a skincare product without the necessary NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) approval. 

In response, Nkechi addressed these allegations through an Instagram live session, passionately defending herself. She made it clear that she was not a brand ambassador for the product in question and went to great lengths to validate her claims, even displaying a product with the required NAFDAC number.

Amid this online clash, Nkechi Blessing’s determination to protect her reputation and confront her critic head-on was palpable. She expressed her readiness to engage with Verydarkman online and even articulated her willingness to visit his residence in Abuja. 

This incident unfolded against Verydarkman’s prior actions against another individual, Jennys Glow, which resulted in the sealing of her company. Nkechi’s response showcased her resilience and assertiveness in the face of controversy and public scrutiny, highlighting the multifaceted nature of her public persona.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @nkechiblessingsunday
  • Twitter: @nkechiblessings

Net Worth

Nkechi Blessing is a thriving entertainer and accomplished producer and a financial success story. Her estimated net worth stands impressively at around US$300,000 – US$500,000, a testament to her dedication, talent, and shrewd business acumen in the entertainment industry.

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