July 18, 2024

Ayodele Timilehin Johnson, a remarkable individual with an extraordinary ability to hold his breath underwater, experiences a tragic twist in his life when a notorious terrorist group, Baby Fire Gang, kills his wife and daughter. 

Devastated by the loss and disillusioned by the corruption that prevails in seeking justice, Timi takes matters into his own hands, seeking vengeance against the gang leader, Baby Fire. In the process, he loses not only the perpetrator but also his faith in God, leading to a downward spiral of despair and multiple failed suicide attempts.

Fast forward 35 years, and the narrative shifts to Elijah Odudu-Abasi Okon, a recent NYSC graduate aspiring to start his own church. Unemployed and in need of funds, Elijah applies for a position as a housekeeper at Timi’s residence, unknowingly stepping into a world haunted by tragedy and seeking redemption. The intertwining stories weave a tapestry of resilience, loss, and the enduring human spirit’s quest for renewal and a fresh beginning in the face of adversity.

Cast: Chimezie Imo, Wale Ojo, Demola AdedoyinGenoveva Umehh, Sam Dede, Bimbo Manuel, and Tina Mba

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