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Chimezie Imo (born January 7, 1992) is a highly accomplished Nigerian actor and model celebrated for his noteworthy contributions to the country’s thriving film industry. His exceptional talents have brought him into the spotlight, particularly for his outstanding performances in the acclaimed film Nimbe, the compelling Kasala, and his compelling portrayal in the MTV Shuga Naija series.

Notably, Chimezie Imo played a remarkable role when he starred as Elijah in the highly praised film Breath Of Life. This particular performance has contributed significantly to his widespread recognition and acclaim. His remarkable acting skills have driven his ascent to stardom, endearing him to audiences in the Nigerian movie industry and extending his influence beyond its borders.

Facts & Wiki

  • Full name: Chimezie Imo
  •  Gender: Male
  •  Date Of Birth: January 7, 1992
  •  Age: 32 years
  •  Place Of Birth: Imo State, Nigeria
  •  Nationality: Nigerian
  •  Religion: Christian
  •  Sexuality: Straight
  •  Height: 5′ 6″
  •  Weight: 55kg
  •  Relationship status: single
  •  Profession: Actor • Model
  •  Net Worth: US$100,000
  •  Instagram: @chimezie_imo

Early Life

Chimezie was born and raised in Lagos state but is originally from the Orsu local government area, Imo state. She grew up under the care and nurturing of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Imo.

Growing up in a Christian home, He was passionate about church and was already in the church choir group at seven.


Chimezie embarked on his professional journey in 2014, making a significant mark as the runner-up on the prestigious Nigerian talent show, ‘The Next Movie Star Reality Show.’ This early recognition paved the way for his entrance into the entertainment industry.

His on-screen debut came with the film “Learning Curves,” a project that marked his initiation into the world of cinema and served as a platform for him to showcase his burgeoning talent. Subsequently, Chimezie continued to ascend in the industry, securing roles in notable films such as “Origin” and the comedic gem “90 Gogoro.”

In 2018, he delivered a memorable performance in “Shuga Naija,” portraying a conflicted young man succumbing to peer pressure. This role catapulted him into the limelight and set the stage for a series of remarkable achievements in his career.

The same year, Chimezie was part of the ensemble cast in the critically acclaimed comedy “Kasala,” where he played one of four boys bound by the unbreakable ties of friendship. This project further showcased his versatility and comedic prowess.

In 2019, Chimezie took on the challenging role of a drug-addled teenager in the film “Nimbe.” His compelling performance garnered widespread acclaim, earning him a Best Actor Nominee at the Future Awards 2020 and a Most Promising Young Actor nomination at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2020.

The year 2022 witnessed Chimezie’s stellar performance in the psychodrama “Choke,” where he portrayed a character grappling with sickle cell disease, receiving accolades for his nuanced portrayal of the role. This performance showcased his depth as an actor and earned him critical acclaim.

In 2023, Chimezie’s excellence in the craft was recognized with a nomination for the Africa Movie Viewers Choice Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role in “Choke.” Additionally, he took on the role of Elijah alongside Genoveva Umeh in the acclaimed film “Breath Of Life,” further solidifying his position as a versatile and accomplished actor in the Nigerian and African film industry. 


  1. Learning Curves
  2. Origin
  3. 90 Gogoro
  4. Shuga Naija
  5. Kasala
  6. Nimbe
  7. Choke
  8. Breath Of Life

Personal Life

Chimezie’s personal life has been shrouded in privacy, and there is limited information available about his relationship status. As of the latest updates, he is believed to be single and not involved in any known romantic relationship. Chimezie has maintained a discreet approach regarding his personal life, choosing not to disclose extensive details about his relationships or romantic endeavours. 

Social Media

Net Worth

Chimezie has accumulated an estimated net worth of about US$50,000.

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  1. I really doubt hewas raised in Lagos. Very possible though.
    He attended Gsss Pyakasa Abuja but didn’t graduate with us.

    Always wearing rosary and behaved a little girlish. Was a cool kid back then. I hope he still is.

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