February 29, 2024

Francis Anabor Godwin is a distinguished and well-known figure in the Edo region, having once been a prominent billionaire celebrated for his opulent and expensive way of life. Renowned for his affluence, he gained widespread recognition as a shrewd businessman and enterprising entrepreneur, boasting a diverse portfolio of investments that included a thriving car business. 

Early Life

Francis Anabor was born and raised in Fugar, Edo State, into a struggling family. His father, a hardworking farmer, faced considerable struggles in trying to provide for their needs.

Despite the challenging circumstances of his upbringing, Francis managed to navigate through the difficulties. Rising above the adversities of his family’s financial struggles, he escaped the initial misery and emerged as a renowned billionaire. His success story resonated locally and gained international recognition, marking a remarkable transformation from his humble beginnings in Fugar, Edo State.


Francis Anabor was a prominent Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur, earning widespread recognition for his affluence and notable philanthropic endeavours. His reputation in business was anchored by his dual roles as a prominent car dealer and a successful realtor, boasting multiple real estate holdings across Nigeria.

Francis was a notable figure, amassing a considerable portfolio that included several houses and an impressive collection of cars. His opulence contributed to his status as one of the wealthiest individuals in the Edo community, where his influence and affluence were widely acknowledged.

Beyond his success, Francis demonstrated a deep commitment to giving back to society. His generosity extended to the community he called home, as he actively participated in various initiatives to uplift the lives of those around him. Notably, he directed substantial financial contributions to his state, channelling funds into charitable projects and supporting non-profit organizations dedicated to making a positive impact.

Personal Life

Francis Anabor, a once-thriving businessman, embarked on a tumultuous journey that saw drastic changes in his personal and professional life. His initial marriage to Toyin, a Yoruba lady, marked the beginning of his family life. However, the union faced challenges, eventually resulting in divorce.

Undeterred by the trials of his first marriage, Francis found love again with Anthonia, a woman of striking beauty. The couple embraced a new chapter, expanding their family to include four children. Despite the joy of a growing family, Francis encountered unexpected setbacks that altered the course of his career.

The entrepreneur, once recognized for his business acumen, experienced a sudden downturn when he transitioned from a prosperous businessman to an unexpected profession—taxi driving. The specifics of his downfall remain shrouded in mystery, with limited details on the circumstances leading to his misfortune. However, it is hinted that Francis faced a significant setback, possibly involving financial deceit in one of his business dealings.

The divorce from his first wife, Toyin, was a pivotal moment in Francis’s life, coinciding with the challenges in his professional ventures. The narrative suggests that he fell victim to cheating or manipulation in a business transaction, triggering a downward spiral in his financial standing.

Currently, Francis finds himself navigating the streets as a taxi driver, symbolic of his resilience and determination to persevere despite the odds. The once-prosperous businessman is now grappling with the daily struggles of making ends meet, emphasizing the stark contrast between his past success and his present reality as he strives to provide for his family in the face of adversity.

Net Worth

Francis Anabor’s net worth is currently less than US$10,000.

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