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Farooq Olatunbosun Oreagba (born in 1966)is a prominent Nigerian businessman known for his significant contributions to the financial sector. He served as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, where he played a pivotal role in modernizing the exchange and promoting Nigeria’s capital markets on a global stage.

Oreagba gained widespread attention for his glamorous fashion at the popular 2024 Ojude Oba festival, an annual cultural and religious event held in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. His impeccable sense of style and unique attire drew significant media coverage, sparking discussions across social media platforms. Many admired his ability to blend traditional Nigerian fashion with contemporary elegance, making him a standout figure at the festival.

Early Life

Farooq Olatunbosun Oreagba was born and raised in Ijebu Ode into the distinguished Oreagba family. He spent his early years there, completing his basic education at Ijebu Ode Grammar School. He then moved to Ikenne, Ogun State, where he attended Mayflower School.

Seeking further education, Oreagba relocated to London and pursued his studies at Oxford University, where he earned a degree in Finance. His academic journey continued at the University of East London, where he obtained a master’s degree. Driven by his passion for education, he also attended Coventry University, earning another degree in Business Management.


Farooq Olatunbosun Oreagba is a highly esteemed figure in the Nigerian business sector, renowned for his extensive experience in both local and international financial markets.

His career highlights include his tenure as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, where he played a pivotal role in advancing the exchange’s operations and enhancing market efficiency. Under his leadership, the Nigerian Stock Exchange saw significant growth and modernization, solidifying its position as a key player in Africa’s financial landscape.

However, due to health challenges, Oreagba regrettably had to resign from his Nigerian Stock Exchange role. Despite this setback, his dedication to the financial sector remained steadfast.

In a testament to his resilience and expertise, Oreagba later assumed the role of Manager and CEO at NG Clearing Limited. This appointment marked a new chapter in his career, bringing his wealth of experience and strategic vision to strengthen further the clearing and settlement services within Nigeria’s financial ecosystem. His leadership at NG Clearing Limited has been instrumental in fostering operational excellence and innovation within the organization.

Oreagba has been recognized throughout his career for his strategic insights, commitment to excellence, and contributions to developing Nigeria’s capital markets. His journey from the Nigerian Stock Exchange to NG Clearing Limited exemplifies his unwavering dedication to advancing financial services and fostering growth in the Nigerian economy.

Personal Life

Farooq Oreagba has emerged as a resilient figure in Nigeria, having triumphed over a serious health battle with cancer.

In 2014, Farooq was diagnosed with two types of cancer: Osteosarcoma affecting his bone marrow and Carcinoma affecting his skin. Despite the severity of these illnesses, he courageously fought for two years until he was declared cancer-free and able to resume his professional duties.

Maintaining a private personal life, Farooq has chosen not to disclose details about his family, including his wife and children, opting to shield them from public scrutiny.

In 2024, Farooq attended the prestigious Ojude Oba Festival, where his attire, sunglasses, and overall glamour captured widespread attention and admiration. His stylish outfit, complemented by accessories like his Apple watch, became a trending topic across various social media platforms.

Farooq, an enthusiast of tattoos, embraced this form of self-expression later in life, getting his first tattoo at the age of 50 following his recovery from cancer. His tattoos, adorned alongside traditional Agbada attire, added an element of elegance to his already distinguished appearance.

Farooq Oreagba’s journey—from battling cancer to embracing cultural celebrations and personal expression—is a testament to his resilience and zest for life, inspiring many within Nigeria and beyond.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @Farooq Oreagba

Net Worth

Farooq Olatunbosun Oreagba is a wealthy Nigerian personality with an estimated net worth of about US$500,000 – US$1 million.

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