May 22, 2024

Meet Femi Aluko, a dynamic and accomplished Nigerian entrepreneur who has made significant strides in the tech and food delivery industries. Femi is known as the co-founder and CEO of Chowdeck, an innovative on-demand food delivery service revolutionizing how people access meals from various restaurants.

Femi’s journey into the tech world began during his tenure at Paystack, a leading African online payment company that Stripe later acquired. Joining Paystack in 2017 as their fifth engineer, Femi quickly became the company’s first core payment engineer. His time at Paystack provided him with invaluable experience in technology, business operations, and entrepreneurship.

In 2021, fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit and vision for transforming the food delivery landscape, Femi founded Chowdeck. With a keen understanding of consumer preferences and the burgeoning demand for convenient dining options, he conceptualized an online platform that seamlessly connects users with their favorite restaurants, allowing them to order meals for delivery at their convenience.

Chowdeck’s business model revolves around collaboration with a wide range of restaurants, enabling customers to access an extensive menu selection through a single platform. Femi’s strategic partnerships and innovative approach have not only streamlined the food ordering process but have also significantly boosted the sales and visibility of partner restaurants.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Chowdeck has rapidly expanded its operations across Nigeria and other African countries. The company’s growth trajectory is underscored by its dedication to customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the food service industry.

With hundreds of employees dedicated to delivering excellence, Chowdeck continues redefining Africa’s food delivery experience, making Femi Aluko a leading figure in the region’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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