June 20, 2024

Abu Salami is a well-known and influential Nigerian businessman who has risen to prominence in the public eye, largely due to his recent controversy involving the famous Nigerian superstar, Davido. This controversy has not only propelled him into the spotlight but has also sparked widespread interest and discussions in both the media and public domain.

Early Life

Abu Salami, a native of Nigeria, spent his formative years nurtured by the guidance of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Salami. Despite his public presence, details about his family background and educational journey remain undisclosed. Abu Salami has chosen to keep these aspects of his life private, allowing him to maintain personal confidentiality amidst his professional endeavors.


Abu Salami, recognized in professional circles as a highly respected Nigerian businessman, has made a name for himself within the business community. Despite his prominent status, detailed information about his business ventures has been kept private, shrouded in a veil of confidentiality. As of now, the specific nature of his business endeavors, investments, and ventures remains undisclosed to the public, adding an aura of mystery to his professional life.

Personal Life

Abu Salami, despite his public persona, has maintained a remarkable level of privacy regarding his family and personal life. He has refrained from sharing details about his family, education, marital status, and children, even amid his fame and prominence.

Recently, Abu Salami made headlines by accusing the music star and DMW music executive, Davido, of owing him a substantial sum of money. According to AbuDavido allegedly owes him a staggering 218 million naira, which was intended for a children’s project. Abu claimed that Davido reneged on their agreement, refusing to reimburse the money. He asserted that he faced pressure from the boy band and the singer’s legal representatives.

Taking to his Instagram page, Abu Salami revealed that he had transferred 218 million naira to Davido as part of a 326-million-naira transaction. He recounted a specific incident when he, as a businessman, had to travel to twenty different states with an eleven-person production crew, all searching for young, talented football players for the youth project.

In a subsequent video update, Abu Salami alleged that Davido is a member of a secret cult and that he had been invited to join but declined the offer. Abu further claimed that Davido had been deceiving people, stealing from them, and living a fraudulent lifestyle in an attempt to impress the world. 

Despite attempts by mutual friends to mediate the dispute, no resolution was reached because Davido purportedly lacked the financial means to repay his debt to Abu Salami. These accusations have created a significant stir in the media, shedding light on the financial complexities and controversies surrounding the lives of public figures.

Despite the intense public scrutiny and the myriad of accusations surrounding him, Davido, the renowned music star, has consciously chosen to maintain a low profile. In the face of widespread discussions and various allegations, he has refrained from making any public statements about the matter. His decision to remain silent has left the public and media outlets speculating about the truth behind the accusations, adding an air of mystery to the ongoing controversy.

Social Media

Net Worth

Abu Salami has an estimated net worth of about US$500,000 – US$1 million.

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