May 21, 2024

Dessyhandsum, well-known in social media circles, is a talented individual celebrated for his skills as a web developer, content creator, motivational speaker, and author. His literary achievements shine through in the form of two published books, a testament to his creativity and intellectual depth.

Going beyond his online presence, Dessyhandsum’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to establish impactful ventures. He is the visionary behind Handsum Records, a thriving entity in the music industry and the driving force behind Elox Logistics, a company lauded for its efficiency and reliability in logistics.

Recently, Dessyhandsum ventured into the fashion world by launching Handsum Sneakers, a designer sneaker brand. This initiative goes beyond mere commerce; it embodies a noble mission. Dessyhandsum aims to democratize fashion, making stylish and high-quality footwear accessible to individuals with limited financial means. 

He has also ingeniously created opportunities for the unemployed and job-seeking youth, enabling them to become distributors of these superior products. This thoughtful approach not only empowers these individuals but also fosters economic sustainability within the community.

However, amidst his achievements, Dessyhandsum has faced a controversy that has marred his reputation. Allegations of unsettled deals and scams have surfaced, with various Nigerians accusing him of fraudulent activities. 

Reports suggest that Dessyhandsum allegedly defrauded several individuals, both within and outside of Nigeria, after they had made payments for deals. Subsequently, he would block or refuse to fulfill his end of the transaction, leaving these individuals in distress and financial loss.

In response to these grave accusations, concerned citizen Verydarkman has taken it upon himself to seek justice. Verydarkman reported these alleged fraudulent activities to the appropriate authorities, initiating a comprehensive investigation into Dessyhandsum’s actions. It is expected that legal action will be taken against him, underlining the significance of accountability and justice in society.

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