June 12, 2024

Martin Vincent Otse, also known by his popular alias Verydarkman, recently found himself summoned by the Nigerian Police following a petition lodged against him by Nigerian actress and politician Tonto Dikeh, Iyabo Ojo, and SamKlef.

Before making his way to the police station, Verydarkman took to video to inform his fans about his whereabouts, letting them know he was heading in for an interrogation. Despite his proactive communication, the Police weren’t exactly thrilled upon seeing the video. However, they reassured him that they were there as friends, emphasizing that he had nothing to worry about and that they weren’t the type of Police who would exploit or harm him.

Upon the commencement of the interrogation, Verydarkman learned that the petition alleged him of threatening to murder one of them and sending cultists after them. Additionally, it claimed that he accused them of embezzling public funds and defaming their characters.

As Verydarkman defended himself during the interrogation, Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh appeared. Iyabo Ojo sat before him while Tonto chose a spot behind him. Feeling uncomfortable, Verydarkman stood up, stating that his enemy couldn’t sit behind him. The Police assured him everything was fine, but Verydarkman insisted on standing, expressing his Edo background and belief in spiritual forces. Tonto Dikeh was eventually asked to move, allowing the interrogation to proceed.

Later, they were all directed to see the senior officer upstairs, where insults were exchanged between Verydarkman and Tonto Dikeh. The Police intervened, restoring order and facilitating the continuation of the interrogation and investigation.

After a thorough discussion, the Police announced that further investigation would be conducted appropriately, dismissing them to return downstairs. Tonto rushed off to meet another officer, where Verydarkman overheard her discussing the possibility of detaining him. 

The officer’s response angered Tonto, leading her to step outside and make calls. Unsuccessful in her attempts, she returned, taking a picture of Verydarkman. This infuriated him, and he demanded that she delete it.

As the interrogation persisted, Verydarkman checked his phone and discovered that Tonto Dikeh had posted his pictures online with a caption, adding another layer of tension to the already charged atmosphere.

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