June 20, 2024

In her interview with Tolktob, she disclosed that she had experienced molestation from the age of five by her uncles, with whom she resided. At the tender age of five, she mentioned that her uncles began touching her private parts and engaging in sexual intercourse with her.

Upon being caught in a sexual relationship with her uncle by her aunt (the man’s sister), she was threatened to either engage in similar acts with her aunt or face the consequences of her grandmother or mother being informed. Realizing that confiding in her grandmother or mother would be futile as they would not believe her, she reluctantly complied and started “servicing” the man in the morning and the woman in the evening, eventually becoming addicted to this disturbing routine.

Furthermore, she was introduced to prostitution at an incredibly young age and was strictly forbidden from disclosing this to anyone under the threat of death. She had no choice but to comply with their demands.

As she grew older and attended university, she admitted to experiencing intense sexual arousal at times, leading her to lock herself in her room and engage in masturbation. However, she found that this did not alleviate her struggles, and she no longer felt the desire to engage in sexual relations with men. Consequently, she resorted to purchasing a dog, believing that allowing the dog to lick her genitals would provide the desired orgasmic release. Eventually, she acquired two dogs and engaged in sexual acts with them as well.

Additionally, she recounted an incident where an acclaimed actor harassed her while she was employed at a hotel. She approached him seeking an opportunity in the film industry, only to be met with his demand for sexual favours in exchange for a role. When she refused, he falsely reported to the hotel management that she lacked proper customer service skills, resulting in her termination and departure from the company.

Tragically, while efforts were being made to assist her in overcoming her addictions and struggles, she reportedly took her own life, leaving behind a note expressing gratitude to the show host for providing her with a platform to share her story.

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