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Mercy Eke (born on September 29, 1990) is a multifaceted Nigerian personality whose talents span across various domains. Beyond her birth name, she’s affectionately known as Mercy Lambo. Her diverse portfolio includes media personality, model, video vixen, actress, and entrepreneur roles. Mercy made history in October 2019 by clinching the title of the first female champion of the reality TV juggernaut Big Brother Naija during its fourth season, solidifying her status as an icon in Nigerian entertainment.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through MNM Luxury, a business venture she founded, showcasing her keen eye for elegance and luxury. MNM Luxury is a testament to her creativity and business acumen, embodying her vision for sophistication and style.

Mercy ventured into acting, expanding her horizons, making her debut in the acclaimed Nollywood film, “Fate of Alakada,” in 2020. Her performance garnered praise from audiences and critics alike, marking her transition into another realm of the entertainment industry with a wave of positive reviews.

Facts & Wiki

  • Full Name: Mercy Eke  
  • Stage Name: Mercy Lambo, Queen of Highlights  
  • Birthdate: September 29 1993
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Place of Birth: Imo, Nigeria  
  • State Of Origin: Imo State  
  • Nationality: Nigerian  
  • Height: 1.72 m  
  • Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Eke  
  • Siblings: Promise Eke  
  • Boyfriend Partner: Ike Onyema (ex.), Tana (ex.)  
  • Children: N/A  
  • Occupation: Actress • TV Personality  
  • Net Worth: US$500,000  

Early Life & Education

Mercy Eke, a native of Imo State, Nigeria, was born and nurtured amidst Owerri’s vibrant culture and bustling streets. Growing up, she attended Egbu Girls Secondary School, where she laid the foundation for her academic journey. In 2014, fueled by ambition and a thirst for knowledge, she embarked on her tertiary education at Imo State University, immersing herself in studies that would shape her future.

While Mercy’s academic pursuits have been documented, her family background remains shrouded in mystery. She has strategically navigated social media to safeguard personal details concerning her family, adding an enigma to their existence. Despite this discretion, glimpses into her familial dynamics occasionally surface, painting a portrait of her upbringing.

Tragically, Mercy’s father, Mazi Akwudike Eke, departed from this world in 2022, leaving behind a legacy that resonates within their family. His passing, marked at 70, is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life. Conversely, Mercy’s mother, Mrs. Akwudike Eke, assumes a more visible presence on social platforms, offering a glimpse into the matriarchal pillar of the Eke household.

Mercy, the youngest among six siblings, navigated her childhood amidst humble beginnings, characterized by the resilience and tenacity instilled by their low-income household. Despite economic constraints, the Eke siblings shared in the warmth of a loving family environment, fostering bonds that transcended material wealth. Amongst her siblings, Promise Eke emerges as a figure of prominence, carving her path in the public eye.


Mercy Eke’s career trajectory underwent a meteoric rise following her entry into the Big Brother Naija house on June 30, 2019. Her journey culminated in history when she emerged victorious as the season 4 winner in October, etching her name as the first woman to clinch the coveted title.

After her triumphant stint on Big Brother Naija, Eke swiftly transitioned into the realm of influence and endorsement, captivating audiences with her charisma and charm. As an influencer and brand ambassador, she lent her name to many esteemed organizations, leveraging her newfound platform to forge lucrative partnerships and collaborations.

Venturing into the cinematic domain, Eke showcased her acting prowess in the 2020 Nollywood film “Fate of Alakada,” dazzling audiences with her on-screen presence and versatility. Beyond the confines of traditional acting, she showcased her comedic chops through spirited performances in quick sketches alongside renowned Nigerian comedians, showcasing her multifaceted talents to a captivated audience.

Further solidifying her stature in the entertainment arena, Eke triumphantly returned to the Big Brother Naija stage in July 2023 as a member of the All-Star squad, reaffirming her enduring appeal and magnetic presence.

Eke’s influence transcended the realms of entertainment, as evidenced by her prolific ambassadorships and endorsement deals with industry titans such as Mr Taxi and Ciroc, underscoring her resonance with diverse audiences and brands alike. In a testament to her entrepreneurial acumen, she successfully ventured into the realm of fashion with the launch of her apparel brand, MNM Luxury, carving out a niche for herself in the competitive landscape of the fashion industry.


  • Big Brother Naija Season 4
  • Fate of Alakada
  • Big Brother Naija Season 8 All Stars

Awards & Nomination

  • Scream Awards
  • Net Honours

Personal Life

Mercy’s romantic entanglements have occasionally captured media attention, most notably her past relationship with fellow Big Brother housemate Ike Onyema, which ultimately reached its conclusion. Rumors linking her romantically to figures like Jowi Zaza and Tana remain unverified, shrouded in ambiguity. She has also already been in a romantic relationship with Ike Onyema, a fellow housemate.

Mercy’s public persona, marked by candid remarks and ostentatious displays of luxury, has sparked both admiration and controversy. Her outspoken nature, coupled with extravagant gestures like flaunting pricey handbags and showering cash at weddings, has elicited a spectrum of reactions from the public.

Post-Big Brother Naija, Mercy seamlessly transitioned into the role of a spokeswoman and influencer, leveraging her platform to amplify her voice and extend her reach. Her foray into acting, notably in “Fate of Alakada,” garnered acclaim, culminating in her triumph as the recipient of the AMVCA Best Dressed Female title.

Embracing her role as a brand ambassador, Mercy’s partnership with companies like Ciroc exemplifies her ascent within the commercial sphere. Moreover, the inception of “MnM Luxury” marks her entrepreneurial endeavour, signalling her continued ascent as a rising star in the entertainment industry’s ever-evolving landscape.

Net Worth

With many endorsement deals inked since 2019, Mercy Eke’s net worth has increased to about US$1 million, demonstrating the variety of revenue streams contributing to her wealth.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @official_mercyeke
  • Twitter: @real_mercyeke

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