May 20, 2024

The famous Nigerian skit maker, known professionally as Oga Sabinus, was reportedly involved in a car accident on the 11th of September,2022.

The Comedian was returning home on that faithful Sunday Morning when He was run into by a drunk driver.

According to the comedian, He was driving in his Mercedes Benz when the other drunk driver from the opposite lane ran into him.

Fortunately, He came out unscathed and posted on his Instagram page with the caption, “ Safe and sound” and also appreciated his fans for their love and care and promised to release a new skit on the same day.

The news flooded the internet space as there were a lot of reactions from fans and lovers.

The talented Comedian shares a video of his newly acquired Benz on the 19th of October. His previous Benz was a black color.

The celebrity has taken to the media to share videos and pictures of his new white Mercedes Benz GLE.

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