May 26, 2024

Young Duu is a burgeoning street-pop artist who has been setting the social media sphere ablaze with his electrifying presence. He is currently signed under the Zeh Nation Record label, a musical powerhouse owned by Portable, also known as Zazu.

Young Duu┬áhas emerged as a polarizing figure, renowned for his unapologetic and controversial style. His recent track, “Egbemi,” has been making waves and further solidifying his position in the industry. The song has captured the attention of music enthusiasts and propelled him into the spotlight.

One of Young Duu’s remarkable achievements lies in his robust social media following. His online presence has witnessed exponential growth, reflecting the resonance of his music and persona with a wide-ranging audience. Much of his rapid ascent can be attributed to the mentorship and support of his record label boss, Portable.

Young Duu’s affiliation with the Zeh Nation family commenced on November 23, 2022, after Portable, in a move that garnered considerable attention, officially announced the signing of this artist on his Instagram handle. This strategic partnership began a new chapter for Young Duu following the departure of his predecessor, Manie Money, from the label.

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