May 19, 2024

Olalekan Jacob Ponle (born on May 25, 1989), popularly known as ‘Woodberry‘, is a Nigerian businessman based in Dubai who has gained fame and influence through his social media presence.

Distinguished for his entrepreneurial prowess and remarkable networking abilities, Woodberry has established a sterling reputation, notably for his benevolence and philanthropic endeavours.

He gained stardom in 2017 after partnering with Hushpuppi, a social media influencer known for his luxurious lifestyle.

Early Life

Mr. Woodberry, currently 34 years of age, hails from the southwestern region of Nigeria, specifically from Lagos. A native of Yoruba descent, he was born and raised in the family of Mr and Mrs Ponle, where he grew up on the Lagos mainland alongside his siblings. 

His roots are reflected in his hard work, family, and community values, which have guided him throughout his life.

Despite the challenges of growing up in a family of modest means, Mr. Woodberry excelled in his education, completing his primary and secondary school studies in the Lagos public school system.

His exceptional grades allowed him to pursue further studies at the Lagos Polytechnic, where he gained the skills and knowledge he would need to pursue his dreams.

However, even with his education, he still faced the challenge of limited financial resources, prompting him to seek opportunities beyond the borders of his homeland.


While Mr. Woodberry’s early years didn’t follow a conventional career trajectory, he remained steadfast in pursuing his aspirations. Armed with his computer-based proficiency, he navigated through life, earning a livelihood and diligently saving funds that would eventually pave his way out of his native land. His destination was the United Arab Emirates, where he harboured hopes of encountering the opportunities that had remained elusive in his homeland.

He crossed paths with Hushpuppi in the UAE, a fortuitous encounter that would evolve into a profound partnership. Together, they would co-found numerous ventures, charting a remarkable entrepreneurial journey that would significantly shape their destinies.

Personal Life 

Woodberry’s association with Hushpuppi was well-known, and the pair were often spotted living a lavish lifestyle in Dubai.

Their social media accounts showed off luxury cars, lavish apartments, and expensive clothes, leading many to believe their wealth came from illegal activities. However, they maintained that their money was earned through legitimate means, including investments and business ventures.

But the public’s suspicions never ceased, and their lavish lifestyle continued to raise eyebrows.

The arrest of Hushpuppi in June 2021 was a ground-breaking event as it also involved Woodberry and a few other associates who happened to be in the same line of business fraud. 

Specifically, the investigation became intense as it was discovered that their act resulted in the US$435 million fraud, also opening US$40.9 million to the public, and other properties were discovered. 

In July 2022, their case was transferred from the Dubai investigation police centre to the Bureau Federal office. It was later moved to the United States for further trial and investigation, proving that the two scammed over one million people in the past. 

The year 2023 was quite a strenuous year for both Hushpuppi and Woodberry as they faced trial and tedious judgment from the court of law in the United States from April to July, which changed the course of Woodberry’s life as he admitted to a charge of US$188,000 made to him from a company in the United States and was appealed for by his lawyer. 

Social Media 

  • Instagram: @mrwoodberry 

Net worth 

Mr. Woodberry’s entrepreneurial spirit and hard work allowed him to amass a great fortune, including properties and other assets estimated at US$25 million.

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