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Juliet Adaku Onyinyechi Ogechi Okonkwo (born on June 29), known as Juliet E-money, is a successful businesswoman and the wife of the renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Emeka Okonkwo, known professionally as E-money.

Juliet is a trailblazer in her own right, carving a name for herself through her hard work and determination.

Early Life

Juliet was born and raised in Mbaise in Imo State, Nigeria. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Uzondu. She grew up alongside her two siblings, a brother named Onyekwere and a sister named Chichi.

Tragedy struck Juliet’s life when her parents sadly passed away. This pivotal moment led to a significant change in her life as she, along with her brother and sister, were adopted by their caring aunt, who had made her home in the United Kingdom. Consequently, Juliet spent her formative years in the UK and eventually became a citizen.

Juliet’s pursuit of knowledge led her to complete her education in the UK, where she gained valuable experiences and skills. However, her destiny would ultimately lead her back to her roots in Nigeria.

Upon returning to Nigeria, Juliet’s path intersected with Emeka Okonkwo’s, popularly known as “E-money.” Their connection was instantaneous, marked by a profound and undeniable bond. Soon after their fateful encounter, they decided to unite in marriage and embark on a shared journey through life.

Juliet’s world was transformed by the love and support of her husband, who would become her greatest partner in both life and business.


Upon her return to Nigeria, Juliet harboured no intention of assuming the role of a traditional housewife, even with her husband’s wealth and stature. Instead, she charted her course and ascended to the position of Managing Director within the Emy Cargo group of companies and 5-star Music. These enterprises, both under the ownership of her husband, specialize in shipping and clearing services within the maritime sector and record label management, respectively.

Juliet’s unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have propelled these businesses to success and earned them widespread respect and recognition within their respective industries.

Personal Life

Juliet and E-money, share a love story that transcends wealth and status. Their journey began long before E-money became a billionaire, back when he was simply Emeka Okonkwo, residing with his brother in Ajegunle, a humble neighborhood in Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA. While he may not have been financially affluent at the time, Emeka possessed an array of commendable qualities, including his striking looks, intelligence, and a compassionate heart.

These very qualities were the magnetic force that drew Juliet towards him, forging a connection that would only strengthen as their love and prosperity flourished. On November 7, 2009, they sealed their bond in marriage, embarking on a remarkable journey together.

Juliet exhibited unwavering resolve in her commitment to Emeka, recognizing his potential even during their university days. She patiently awaited her graduation to contribute to their shared dreams. Her dedication bore fruit as she witnessed Emeka transform into the successful figure she had always envisioned.

Their marriage stands as a testament to the power of determination and steadfastness, a testimony of their enduring love amidst life’s trials and tribulations. From their humble beginnings, signing their first contract worth N2 million, to their current status as a flourishing couple, Juliet and Emeka have remained faithful to each other, proving that time and struggle can indeed lead to remarkable accomplishments.

As years passed, their love blossomed further, resulting in the blessing of three boys who now reside in the United Kingdom with Juliet. The couple’s journey was marked by significant milestones, including Juliet being gifted with a Rolls-Royce and celebrating 11 years of patience in their marriage.

Social media 

  • Instagram: @iam_mrse 

Net Worth 

Through her work as an entrepreneur, Juliet has not only contributed to the success of her husband’s companies, but has also built her own wealth, estimated at US$1.2 million.

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