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Alvaro Antonio Garcia Perez ( born February 23, 1975) is a Spanish actor and theatre artist renowned for his role as the Professor (Sergio Macquina) in the hit series “Money Heist. He is better known as Alvaro Monte.

His compelling performance as the mastermind behind the heist has captivated audiences worldwide, earning him international acclaim and recognition.

Morte, a talented and versatile performer, has starred in other television shows and films, making him a household name in Spain and beyond.

Early Life

Álvaro Morte was born in the port city of Algeciras, Spain, before moving to Bujalance, Córdoba, with his family.

He was raised in a middle-class household, instilling the values of hard work and determination that would later serve him well in his career.

Morte’s humble beginnings have only made his success as an actor all the more remarkable, proving that with talent and perseverance, anything is possible.

After studying Communications Engineering, Álvaro Morte realized his true passion was for the performing arts. He earned a degree from the prestigious Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico de Córdoba in 1999. His studies took him to the University of Tampere in Finland, where he expanded his knowledge of theatre and performance.

Pursuing his dream, he eventually moved to Madrid to continue his acting journey. 


Alvaro Monte’s career started with a Spanish Television series ‘Hospital Central’ where he played minor roles, and finally achieved his first major role in the TV series ‘Planta 25’ where he acted as a driver from 2007 to 2008 called Ray. 

He later fixed himself among the cast in the long-running ”Telenovela El Secreto de Puente Viejo in 2014, acting as Lucas Molina, a physician in a small town. 

His spotlight shone as he became involved in the popular Spanish series ‘Money Heist‘ portraying himself as El Professor (Sergio Macquina). His role in this series acclaimed many attractions, attention, compliments, and accolades for his Mastermind plan in the criminal plot. The movie features other prominent actors including Úrsula Corberó, Miguel Herrán, Alba Flores, Itziar Ituño, Esther Holly and others.

The film series eventually became the most rated and viewed Non-English series. 

2018 landed him his first major role in a featured film titled ‘Mirage’ a Netflix film; 2019 started off with Alvaro Morte filming the series El Embarcadero acting as Oscar, an individual who managed a dual lifestyle living with separate women. In a short while, he was also made known as a cast in the Amazon Television series ‘The Wheel Of Time.’ 

Personal Life

Álvaro Morte is happily married to stylist Blanca Clemente, and their union has been blessed with two beautiful twins – a son named Leon and a daughter named Julieta.

In 2012, Álvaro and Blanca embarked on a remarkable journey together as they co-founded a theater company called “300 Pistolas.” This endeavor has led to the creation of exceptional theatrical productions that have earned acclaim both in Spain and internationally.

Nevertheless, life presented Álvaro Morte with a profound challenge in 2011 when he was diagnosed with a leg tumor. Displaying unwavering courage and determination, he confronted this health adversity head-on. Through his resilience and strength, Álvaro bravely battled cancer and ultimately emerged victorious, inspiring others with his incredible journey of overcoming adversity.


  • 2007 – Lola, la película 
  • 2018 – Durante la tormenta 
  • 2018 – Smallfoot Gwangi
  • 2022 – Objetos (Lost & Found) 


  • 2002 – Hospital Central 
  • – Policias en El corazon de la calle 
  • 2007 – Planta 25 
  • 2008 – Aida 
  • 2009 – jA ver si llego 
  • – cuentame como paso 
  • 2010 – Las chicas de oro 
  • 2012 – Isabel 
  • – La memoria del agua 
  • – Bandolera 
  • 2014 – Bienvenidos al Lolita 
  • – El principe 
  • – Victor Ros 
  • – Amar en tiempos revueltos 
  • – El secreto de puente viejo 
  • 2017 – El casa de papel 
  • 2019 – el embarcadero 
  • 2020 – el ultimo show 
  • – The head 
  • 2021 – The wheel of time 
  • 2022 – sin limites (boundless)


  • 2018 – 5th Feroz Awards
  • 2018 – 27th Actors and Actresses
  • 2019 – 28th Actors and Actresses Union Award
  • 2020 – 7th Platino Awards
  • 2020 – 25th Zapping Awards
  • 2021 – 68th Ondas Awards

Social Media 

  • Instagram: @alvaromorte

Net Worth 

Álvaro Morte’s net worth is estimated at around US$4 million, largely stemming from his successful acting and directing career.

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