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Miguel Herran (born on April 25, 1996) is a renowned Spanish actor and director whose stardom has soared to new heights with his role as Rio Cortez in the hit Netflix series “Money Heist.” He has also captivated audiences with his starring role in the popular Spanish teen drama “Elite.” His magnetic performances have catapulted him to international acclaim, earning him a place among the most talented actors of his generation.

Early Life

Miguel, currently 28-years was born and raised in Andalusia, Spain, where he spent his formative years under the care of his parent, Mr. Manuel Herran and his mother, Belen De La-Herran.

His early years were spent amidst the cultural vibrancy of Chamberi, a charming neighborhood within Madrid’s bustling heart. It was here, amidst the cobblestone streets and bustling plazas, that his artistic passions began to take root and flourish, much like the vibrant city itself.

Miguel’s education began at the William Layton Laboratory Primary School, Where his talents were nurtured, and his skills began to unfurl. He then studied at Malaga University, Where he earned a degree, setting him on his career journey.

Yet, in the annals of information currently available, Miguel remains somewhat enigmatic, his life story still shrouded in a certain degree of mystery.


Miguel’s career path took a fascinating turn, driven by his unwavering passion for automobiles and a twist of fate that would lead him into the world of cinema and art.

From a tender age, Miguel had harbored an unyielding love for cars, nurturing dreams of becoming a mechanic. He held little regard for formal education, as his heart and ambitions were steadfastly focused on realizing his automotive fantasies.

However, destiny had a different script in mind for Miguel when he crossed paths with Daniel Guzman, a dedicated actor and director with a discerning eye for talent. Guzman recognized Miguel’s potential and encouraged him to audition for a role in cinema. This fortuitous encounter marked the beginning of Miguel’s transformative journey.

In 2015, Miguel secured his inaugural role, debuting as a lead actor alongside luminaries such as Antonia Guzman, Antonio Bachiller, and Miguel Rellan in the film “A Cambio de Nada.” His performance garnered acclaim and accolades, most notably the prestigious Goya Award for Best New Actor. This accolade solidified his industry position, confirming his remarkable talent and dedication.

Miguel’s subsequent role in “Nomeolvides” further underscored his acting prowess, earning him recognition as a versatile performer. However, his portrayal of Rio Cortez in the top-rated Netflix series “Money Heist” thrust him into the spotlight on a global scale.

Personal Life

Speculation and gossip have long swirled around Miguel’s romantic life, particularly concerning his alleged connections with two prominent women. While the veracity of these rumors remains unverified, the individuals in question are Ursula Corbero and Sandra Escacena—celebrated actresses with remarkable careers and undeniable beauty.

Amid media curiosity and public scrutiny, Miguel maintains his composure and unwavering dedication to his career, personal passions, and noble causes. He remains a firm believer in the power of his work to convey his message and leave a lasting impact. In a world often fueled by sensationalism and melodrama, Miguel’s approach is refreshingly grounded and pragmatic, emphasizing substance over speculation.


  • Nothing in Return
  • Darío Nomeolvides
  • 1898: Our Last Men in the Philippines
  • Invisible Guardian
  • Money Heist
  • Some Time Later
  • Alegría, Tristeza
  • Borja Elite
  • Sky High

Awards and Nominations

  • Goya Awards (2016)
  • ASECAN Awards
  • Premios CEC Awards

Social Media 

  • Instagram: @miguel.g.herran
  • Twitter: @MiguelHerranBR


Miguel’s net worth is estimated at approximately US$2 million – US$5 million.

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