May 27, 2024

Josh Showell is a distinguished London-based fashion and beauty photographer with a decade of professional experience. He seamlessly blends creativity and technical skill, capturing captivating images while also embracing roles in lighting and digital operation for larger productions. Josh’s journey reflects growth, adaptability, and a passion for his craft, shaping a dynamic career that continues to evolve.


Josh Showell’s journey in fashion photography started when he was in university. He studied commercial digital photography and got really into it. This period marked the beginning of his successful career. He worked on headshots and teamed up with model agencies, which helped him learn a lot about creating compelling pictures.

After finishing university, Josh worked as an assistant at an e-commerce studio. This job was a turning point for him. He not only sharpened his technical skills but also learned a ton about professional photography. He gained practical insights and improved his sense of what looks good in photos.

At the e-commerce studio, Josh discovered his passion for lighting and fashion photography. He worked with experienced professionals and learned to use light to make stunning visuals. This experience helped him develop his unique style.

For five years, Josh thrived as a fashion photographer at the busy e-commerce studio in London. He honed his skills, played with different lighting techniques, and adapted to the city’s ever-changing natural light. He developed a special style that was natural and feminine, which became his trademark.

When the pandemic hit, Josh faced a big decision. With all his experience and a burning passion for photography, he decided to become a freelance photographer. This move allowed him the freedom to fully express his creativity and get even better at his career.

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