May 22, 2024

Ademola Abiodun (born April 10, 1995) is a Nigerian professional DJ, musician, record producer, and social media influencer officially known as DJ Chicken and has his signature as Kukuruku.

DJ Chicken has gained widespread popularity in the music industry due to his numerous successful projects, such as the Welcome Back Mixtape, New Era EP1 Mix 2022, Aare Ika Awaiting Star Mix, and the Kukuruku Mix series, which has now reached its 12th edition. His talents and contributions have earned him a significant following among music lovers in Nigeria and beyond.

DJ Chicken, a well-known Nigerian DJ, musician, and record producer, has had some disagreements with several Nigerian artists, including Portable and Abu Abel. The reasons for their conflicts are unclear, but it is believed to be related to professional differences and competition in the industry.

However, DJ Chicken was recently seen in a disturbing video being assaulted by some unknown men. The video showed him being brutally beaten, which has caused much concern among his fans and followers. The reasons for the assault are unclear, and it is unknown whether it was related to his professional or personal life.

In a video circulating online, DJ Chicken was seen begging Abu Abel, a renowned Nigerian entrepreneur, talent manager, and CEO of Obimzy Record Label. The video showed DJ Chicken addressing Abu Abel in Yoruba, and he was heard saying, “I am your son.”

The context of the video and the reason why DJ Chicken was begging Abu Abel is not clear. It is possible that there may have been a professional or personal disagreement between the two, and DJ Chicken was seeking forgiveness or reconciliation. However, it is difficult to speculate on the situation without further information.

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