April 21, 2024

Just a few days after Wunmi, the wife of the late Mohbad, expressed her distress via an Instagram live video, asserting that her life was under threat and that there were individuals pursuing her demise, she has resurfaced on social media with another emotional live session. 

In this recent video, she adamantly declared that she would not consent to a DNA test, particularly regarding her son. Wunmi emphasized that she was disvirgined by Mohbad, her deceased spouse, and maintained that she had remained faithful to him throughout their relationship, dismissing any insinuations of infidelity.

The response to her latest video has been mixed. While some express concern and support, others are skeptical and suspicious, suggesting there may be undisclosed factors influencing her decision. Some of her supporters, initially alarmed by her earlier claims, are now inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. In contrast, others feel disillusioned by her refusal to undergo a DNA test. 

A segment of the audience questions whether Wunmi can still be embraced by the sisterhood, considering her refusal to comply with the public’s demand for a DNA test.

The reasons behind Wunmi’s firm stance on the DNA testing issue remain unclear, leading to speculation and conjecture among netizens. However, despite the absence of concrete explanations, many online observers have already drawn their conclusions, with a significant portion believing that Mohbad may not be the biological father of Wunmi’s child, Liam. 

Until further developments shed light on this complex situation, the public remains divided, with debates and discussions unfolding across various social media platforms.

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