May 19, 2024

Talia Goddess (born 2002; Age: 22 years) is a remarkably talented and versatile young creative who has made a significant impact across various artistic domains. As a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, DJ, model, and community leader, she embodies a multi-hyphenate approach to her artistic endeavors.

Talia’s journey into the world of music has been marked by her exceptional skills as a DJ, earning her a distinguished position as one of the leading figures in New York City’s vibrant youth scene.

Early Life

Talia Goddess’ was born and raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Her journey in the world of art began at a tender age, as young as 6 years old.

Immersing herself in various artistic forms, Talia has adeptly utilized her talents to express her individuality and, more notably, to foster unity among people from diverse backgrounds. She recently accomplished a significant milestone by graduating from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, a testament to her dedication to her education and artistic pursuits.

Notably, Talia has taken her artistic vision to new heights by founding her record label and creative agency, TRANCE. This venture exemplifies her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to shaping the creative landscape. Moreover, her collaboration roster boasts an impressive array of world-renowned publications and brands, including Vogue, Wonderland, Refinery29, Tommy Hilfiger, MCM, i-D, Converse, AWAKE NY, and MCM.


Talia’s career path reflects her diverse creativity and unwavering dedication to shaping her artistic vision. She took on roles as a writer, producer, and visual artist for a simple reason – practicality. During high school, limited resources meant she had to step up and handle tasks usually done by collaborators. Her meticulous nature also played a role; collaborations often couldn’t capture her unique vision, leading her to take charge of her projects.

Growing up in the digital age gave her access to creative tools. Armed with a MacBook and a wealth of resources, she saw the potential to bring her ideas to life without relying on external sources. Fueled by curiosity and technological enthusiasm, she taught herself music production and graphic design. The digital realm became her canvas, seamlessly blending her music production skills with graphic design.

Not stopping at personal growth, Talia ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her record label and creative agency, TRANCE. This platform not only showcases her talents but also supports fellow artists. Her creative prowess caught the eye of renowned publications and brands like Vogue, Wonderland, Refinery29, Tommy Hilfiger, MCM, i-D, Converse, AWAKE NY, and MCM, solidifying her as a rising star.

Talia’s ability to merge music production and graphic design came naturally. Crafting beats resonated harmoniously with creating visual art, allowing her to refine her auditory and visual expressions. Her art transcends sound and sight, embodying a unique style.


  • Never Wanna Fall
  • Poster Girl
  • Let Go
  • Everybody Loves A Winner
  • I Want U
  • I’ll Be Down

Personal Life

Talia found herself in the spotlight on social media, needing a unique identity apart from her own. That’s when Talia Goddess, initially a secret alter ego, came into play. As her popularity soared, she consciously made Talia Goddess her public face.

The title ‘Goddess‘ holds a special meaning for Talia—it’s like a divine part of her identity. When her name is spoken, it carries a protective and spiritual vibe. The essence of Talia Goddess represents authenticity, love, and openness. Choosing the name ‘Goddess’ reminds her to stay true to herself and operate from a place of pure intentions.

This spiritual aspect deeply influences her creative pursuits, especially her music. Talia sees her musical journey as spiritual, where she acts as a bridge between the divine and her craft. Some songs, she believes, come to her from a higher power. This perspective connects her with the unknown, helping her understand her role as a vessel for creativity.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @taliaagoddess

Net Worth

Talia Goddess has an estimated net worth approximating to about US$ 1 million.

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