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Moses Bliss (born February 20, 1995) is a talented and powerful Nigerian Gospel singer born and raised in Akwa Ibom state but currently residing in Abuja. 

Moses gained widespread recognition after the release of his gospel single “Too Faithful.” His powerful and sensational vocals in the song earned him a large following and established him as one of the leading Gospel artists in Nigeria.

Early Life

Moses Bliss is a [calculate_years datestring=”02/20/1995″]-year-old singer-songwriter from the South-South region of Nigeria, specifically from Akwa Ibom state. He was born and raised in a devout Christian family, which greatly influenced his faith.

During his childhood, Moses joined the church choir, where he discovered his passion for singing. Over time, he began to write his songs, which were well-received by his fellow church members.

After completing his secondary education, He studied at the National Open University in Nigeria. He was also a member of Believers’ LoveWorld, also known as Christ Embassy, which Pastor Chris Oyakhilome led. During his time in the church, Moses developed a strong interest in using his songs to bless and encourage others.


Mosses discovered his passion for music at a young age and joined his church choir, where he honed his vocal skills and learned to play the piano and other musical instruments. His early exposure to music helped him develop a deep appreciation for the power of song to connect with people and make a difference in their lives.

Later on, Mosses joined the Believer’s LoveWorld, a Christian ministry organization founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Here, he began to find other talented singers and musicians who shared his passion for using music to touch people’s lives. His involvement in this community helped him to develop his talents further and refine his musical style.

Bliss & Don Meon

Mosses‘ talent and dedication soon caught the attention of his pastor, Pastor Chris, who recognized his potential and gave him a platform to showcase his skills. With Pastor Chris‘s support, Mosses was able to pursue his musical career and make a positive impact on the lives of his listeners.

In 2014, Mosses released his first song, “God is Real,” which quickly became a hit among Christian music fans. The song’s uplifting message and catchy melody resonated with listeners and helped to establish Mosses as a rising star in the music industry.

As he continued to grow in his faith and musical abilities, Mosses established himself as the Music Director of The Engraved Music Crew (TEM Crew), a group of talented musicians and singers dedicated to creating inspiring and uplifting music. 

The young gospel singer has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian gospel music scene, having collaborated with several other gospel singers to create powerful and inspiring music. Some notable Nigerian gospel artists he has worked with include Joe Praize, Chris Morgan, Festize, Chizie, Mercy Chinwo, Sinach, Samsong, Tye Tribbett, Sonnie Badu, Buchi, Joe Praise, Tim Godfrey, Ebuka Songs, Neeja, and many others.

His collaborations have resulted in several chart-topping hits that have resonated with audiences across Nigeria and beyond. One of his most recent releases, “Higher Every Day,” was a massive hit and propelled him into the limelight. The song’s uplifting message and catchy melody made it an instant favourite among gospel music fans.

In addition to “Higher Every Day,” the young singer has also released several other powerful gospel songs that have touched the hearts of many. He is the “Too Faithful” crooner, a song that was released in 2019 and quickly became a fan favourite.

Moses‘ music is not only entertaining, but it is also a source of inspiration and hope for many. He has dedicated his time and talent to serving God’s people and spreading the message of faith and love through his music. 

His contributions to the Nigerian gospel music scene have earned him the admiration and respect of his peers and fans alike, and he continues to be a blessing to many, both within his church and throughout Nigeria.


  • Too Faithful
  • You I Live For
  • God is Real
  • Bigger Everyday
  • Count on me
  • Taking Care
  • Ima Mfo
  • Miracle
  • I Prepare
  • E No Dey Fall My Hand
  • In Your Hands

Personal Life

The talented Nigerian gospel singer Moses Bliss has recently proposed to a British-Ghanian, Marie Wiseborn whois a beautiful and talented singer, lawyer and motivational speakerr.

Moses Bliss remains a member of the Believer’s LoveWorld, also known as Christ Embassy, a church founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Through his affiliation with the church, Moses has continued to inspire and uplift audiences with his music, spreading messages of hope, faith, and love to listeners across Nigeria and beyond.

The young singer resides in Abuja, living in his house and driving his cars. Despite his success and growing popularity, Moses remains grounded and committed to his faith, using his platform to serve and inspire others through his music. He has remained a beloved figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, and fans eagerly anticipate his next release.

Social Media

  • Instagram @MosesBliss
  • Facebook @Moses Bliss
  • Twitter @MosesBlissLive

Net Worth

Mosses Bliss currently has an estimated net worth of approximately US$300,000.

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