June 20, 2024

Marie Wiseborn (born August 20, 1999) is a talented and captivating British-Ghanaian individual known for her multifaceted career as a singer, lawyer, social media personality, and motivational speaker. Recently, she has garnered widespread recognition, particularly in connection with her romantic involvement with the renowned Nigerian Gospel singer Moses Bliss.

The spotlight on Marie intensified when Moses Bliss proposed to her on December 19, 2024, a moment that quickly catapulted her into the public eye, thanks to the influential status of the acclaimed singer. The revelation of their engagement, marked by a shared picture and a video capturing Mosses’ heartfelt proposal, took their fans by surprise, adding an unexpected and exciting chapter to their personal and professional lives.

Facts & Wiki

  • Full Name: Marie Agyare-Wiseborn
  • Other Name: Marie Wiseborn
  • Nationality: Ghana
  • Country: London
  • Date of Birth: August 20, 1999
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  • Age: 24
  • Profession: Lawyer
  • Height: 168cm

Early Life

Marie was born in Ghana but spent her formative years with her parents in London, where she resided with them. Although she has maintained a level of privacy regarding her family background, it is known that she was under the nurturing guidance of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wiseborn.

Her educational journey led her through Archbishop Tenison High School and later Wallington County Grammar School, where she delved into Biology, Chemistry, and History. These early academic experiences laid the foundation for her intellectual pursuits and eventually steered her toward her chosen path.

The formative years of her childhood were imbued with Christian values, shaping a distinctive outlook on life that prioritized compassion, empathy, and a profound sense of community.

Marie cultivated a deep-seated passion for Law and Justice during her growth and development. Driven by this enthusiasm, she decided to pursue a career in the legal field. To embark on this journey, she enrolled at the University of Surrey, where she dedicated herself to her studies and successfully obtained a Bachelor of Law degree. 


Marie has established herself in a multifaceted career, serving as a Barrister specializing in apprehending criminals and championing human rights. Her legal expertise extends to navigating the intricate realms of justice, aiming to impact society positively.

Beyond her legal pursuits, Marie is a talented singer with a profound passion for gospel music. She has showcased her musical talents by releasing several gospel songs, adding a harmonious dimension to her professional repertoire.

As a motivational speaker, Marie extends her influence beyond the courtroom and the stage, actively engaging with audiences through her social media platform. Her motivational talks encompass diverse topics, including law, leadership, and life, reflecting her commitment to inspire and empower others. 

Through a collection of insightful quotes and impactful speeches, she has become a beacon of motivation for those seeking guidance in various aspects of their lives.

Personal Life

Marie Wiseborn is presently in a joyous and committed engagement with the acclaimed Nigerian gospel artist Moses Bliss. The heartwarming moment was captured and shared through a video showcasing Mosses‘ grand and heartfelt proposal in the presence of their families and close friends, adding an extra layer of significance to this celebratory chapter in their relationship.

Their connection is reported to have originated on Instagram, where their relationship blossomed and soared, ultimately paving the way for a journey that promises to last a lifetime.

Social Media

Net Worth

There are currently no details about Marie Wiseborn’s current estimated net worth.

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