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Mercy Nnenda Chinwo (born September 5, 1990) is a highly skilled female gospel artist from Nigeria who has risen to prominence and established herself as one of the top gospel musicians in the country. She is recognized as a distinguished performer who has achieved great success in the industry and has gained widespread acclaim for her talents. She is most known as Mercy Chinwo.

Early Life

Mercy Chinwo is a Nigerian gospel singer born and raised in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria. Her father was a native of Obi-Akpo, a local government area in Port Harcourt, and belonged to the Ikwerre tribe, while her mother is from Ibibio, a tribe from Akwa-Ibom State.

Mercy grew up in a loving family with her parents and siblings, but unfortunately, her father passed away when she was young, leaving her mother to raise the family alone. Despite this difficult circumstance, Mercy’s mother was a supportive and encouraging presence in her life and helped nurture her passion for music.

Mercy began singing in the children’s choir at her local church, and her talent was quickly recognized by those around her. She continued to sing throughout her childhood and teenage years, performing at local events and competitions.

In 2012, Mercy decided to take her music career to the next level and auditioned for the Nigerian Idol talent show. She made it through the auditions and eventually went on to win the competition, becoming the first female winner of the show.


Mercy Chinwo started her education at Godswill International School in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. After completing her primary education, she attended Victory Comprehensive College for her secondary education, where she developed an interest in music and began singing in the school choir.

After completing her secondary education, Mercy continued her studies at Paradise International School, where she further honed her musical skills and participated in various musical competitions and events.

After she graduated from Paradise International School, She enrolled at the International Business Management Institute (IBMI) in Port Harcourt to pursue a degree in Human Resources Management. While at IBMI, she continued to pursue her passion for music and participated in various music events and competitions.

Despite her busy schedule, She was able to balance her academics with her music career and completed her degree program with excellent grades. 

Her education in Human Resources Management has also helped her in her philanthropic work, as she uses her knowledge and skills to run the Mercy Chinwo Foundation and empower young people in Nigeria.


Mercy Chinwo is a renowned Nigerian gospel singer who initially started her career in acting before shifting her focus to music. In 2012, she participated in the second season of Nigerian Idol and emerged as the winner, which marked a turning point in her career.

After winning Nigerian Idol, Mercy Chinwo landed her first acting role in Yvonne Nelson‘s movie “House of Gold” in 2013. However, she soon realized her true passion was music and began voicing to musical projects by top Nigerian gospel artists such as Sammie Okposo, Joe Praize, and Buchi.

In 2015, Mercy released her first single, titled “Testimony,” which received positive reviews and paved the way for her musical career. In 2017, she was discovered by EeZee Concepts, a gospel music label owned by Mr Ezekiel ThankGod, who recognized her potential and signed her to his label.

Under EeZee ConceptsMercy Chinwo released her first album, “The Cross My Gaze”, in 2018, which was well received by gospel music lovers in Nigeria and beyond. The album features many soul-uplifting gospel songs such as “Excess Love,” “Bor Ekom,” and “Regular,” which are still trending in the Nigerian Christian space.

Mercy recently released her latest project, titled “Elevated“, on April 14, 2023. The album features a mix of soulful and uplifting gospel songs with a focus on God’s love and Mercy. This is her first release in 2023 and is highly anticipated by her fans and supporters. Mercy has been promoting the album through various social media platforms and live performances, building excitement and anticipation for the project. “Elevated” promises to be another successful album for Mercy Chinwo and further solidify her position as one of the top gospel artists in Nigeria.

In addition to her solo work, Mercy has collaborated with various international artists, including a remix of her hit song “Excess Love” with JJ HairstonYouthful Praise, and The Gratitude. Her music has also been featured in many gospel concerts and events in Nigeria and internationally.

Personal Life

In November 2019, rumours circulated on social media that Mercy Chinwo had been involved in a car accident. However, her management company, EeZee Concepts Global, quickly confirmed that the news was false. Her management issued a press release on November 16, stating that Mercy was in good health and had not been involved in any accidents.

On August 13, 2022, Mercy Chinwo tied the knot with her heartthrob, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, a certified IT professional with Stanford University in London who works with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. The couple had a traditional wedding ceremony before their official wedding.

Despite her success as a gospel artist, Mercy Chinwo has faced criticism from some social media users about her fashion style and appearance on live shows. In 2020, evangelist Victor Edet posted on his Facebook page, calling attention to Mercy’s fashion style. The post sparked a heated debate on social media, with some defending her fashion choices and others criticizing her. 

However, Mercy has continued to focus on her music and her message of hope and faith in God, which has endeared her to many fans across Nigeria and beyond.


  • Testimony
  • Igwe
  • Excess Love
  • No More Pain
  • Chinedum
  • Ome ka Nna ya
  • Regular
  • Power Belongs To Jesus
  • Imenem
  • Incredible God
  • Love Expression
  • Inhedinma
  • Receive it
  • With All My heart
  • I Am
  • Responsibility
  • Receive
  • Oh, Jesus!
  • Bor Ekom
  • Mercy Chinwo

Awards & Nominations 

  • Winner of Nigerian Idol in 2012
  • CLIMAX Awards – Best Gospel Artiste in 2018
  • Africa Gospel New Artiste of the Year in 2019 at the Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST)
  • Africa Gospel Female Artiste of the Year in 2019 at the Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST)
  • Africa Gospel Song of the Year for “Excess Love” in 2019 at the Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST)

Social Media

Net Worth

Mercy Chinwo’s unique voice and soulful songs have greatly impacted the music industry, making her one of the prominent Nigeria gospel artists with an estimated net worth of US$300,000.

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