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Sarah Nicole Landry ( born December 31, 1984) is a Canadian professional blogger who has gained recognition as a writer, speaker, social media influencer, body positivity advocate, podcaster, and model. She is most prominently known by her online pseudonym, “The Birds Papaya.” Landry rose to prominence by sharing personal stories about her body image, weight loss journey, and inspirational quotes on her social media platforms.

Early Life

Sarah Nicole Landry┬áis a [calculate_years datestring=”12/31/1984″] years old Canadian, born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, on December 31, 1984. She was raised in a middle-class family, along with her two younger siblings, by her parents.

After high school, She enrolled at the University of Guelph, where she pursued a degree in English and sociology. During her time at university, Sarah developed an interest in blogging and social media and began experimenting with creating content and sharing her thoughts and experiences on her social media page.

After graduating from university, Sarah began working in the hospitality industry, where she worked as a restaurant manager for several years and later switched to a career in marketing, where she gained experience working for companies such as Loblaw Companies Limited and General Motors. 

At 21, Sarah Nicole Landry married and started a family giving birth to her first child at 22, followed by two more children in quick succession. The experience of becoming a young mother and dealing with the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy and motherhood was a significant turning point for Sarah.


Sarah Nicole Landry began her career as a blogger in 2014, sharing her journey toward self-love and body acceptance. Over the years, she has amassed a large following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her thoughts on body positivity, motherhood, mental health, and more.

As her platform grew, She began to work with brands and companies as an influencer and collaborator. Sarah has collaborated with a wide range of brands, including Jenny Bird, Walmart, and Beautycounter, among others. Sarah also launched her online store, selling various clothing and accessories that promote body positivity and self-love.

Sarah also founded the popular blog “The Birds Papaya” and “The Papaya” Podcast, where she continues to share her journey towards self-love and body acceptance. Her podcast covers a variety of topics related to self-improvement and personal growth, including mental health, body image, and relationships.

In addition to her work as a blogger and influencer, Sarah is also a speaker and has delivered talks on body positivity and self-love at conferences and events. She has also authored “The Birds Papaya: My Journey to Acceptance and Peace,” which chronicles her journey toward self-acceptance and self-love.

Most recently, Sarah launched the Birds Nest, an online community providing support and resources for women seeking to improve their mental health and well-being. The community offers a wide range of resources, including courses, workshops, and community events designed to help women embrace their bodies and improve their overall health and well-being.

Social Media

  • Instagram @thebirdspapaya
  • Facebook @the birds papaya
  • Twitter @thebirdspapaya

Personal Life

Sarah Nicole Landry has been very open about her personal life on social media. She has four children, including a daughter from her first marriage, two sons, and a daughter with her current husband, Shane LandrySarah and Shane got married in 2017, and she often shares pictures and stories about their family life on her social media accounts.

Sarah has also been vocal about the challenges of blending families and co-parenting. She has shared her experiences navigating the dynamics between her ex-husband and her current husband and the ups and downs of parenting multiple children with different needs and personalities.

In addition to her personal life, Sarah has continued to build her career as a blogger, writer, and social media influencer. She has collaborated with several brands on sponsored content, including fashion and beauty companies, and has also spoken at events and conferences about body positivity and self-love.

Sarah‘s podcast, The Papaya Podcast, has become increasingly popular in recent years, and she has interviewed guests on topics like mental health, motherhood, and relationships. She has also published articles in online publications like HuffPost and Today’s Parent.

Net Worth

Sarah Nicole‘s net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars. 

Sarah’s blog and online influence status have contributed to her major source of income as she’s among the richest bloggers in Canada.

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