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Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe (born May 1, 1994), professionally identified as Kizz Daniel (previously spelled as Kiss Daniel), stands as a prominent Nigerian vocalist and lyricist. His prominence surged notably upon the launch of “Woju” in September 2016, released under the ‘G-Worldwide Entertainment‘ label.

Currently, he holds the role of founder and Chief Executive Officer of the ‘FlyBoy Inc. record label.

Early Life

Kizz Daniel’s early life story is rooted in Abeokuta, Ogun State, where he was born and nurtured alongside his family and siblings through his formative years. He occupies the second position among seven family members among the five children born to Mr. and Mrs. Anidugbe.

The seeds of Kizz’s musical journey were sown at a remarkably young age—merely seven years old. His vocal expressions, though initially a mere muttering, caught the attention of his father, who recognized his budding musical inclination. Fueled by his father’s encouragement and support, Kizz’s talent evolved and expanded, eventually combining with a naturally resonant and melodious voice.

The pivotal point in Daniel’s musical voyage materialized as he entered his teenage years at 13. At this juncture, he fully comprehended his innate musical gift, characterized by his unique voice and a penchant for rhythm.

Having completed his education and graduated from the university in 2013, Daniel embarked on his musical odyssey with an unwavering resolve. Driven by his passion for music, he committed himself wholeheartedly to pursuing a career in this creative realm. His ascendancy to fame commenced when he became a part of the G-WorldWide Entertainment record label, adopting the stage name “Kiss Daniel.” This was the platform where he first garnered recognition and began to shape his distinct musical identity.

However, the journey took an unexpected twist when legal disputes emerged regarding his contract. In May 2018, Daniel decided to part ways with G-WorldWide Entertainment due to contractual conflicts. As a symbolic act of transitioning into a new chapter, he rebranded himself as “Kizz Daniel.” This change marked not only a shift in name but also represented his autonomy as an artist and his determination to forge his path in the music industry.


Daniel’s educational path led him to Abeokuta Grammar School in Abeokuta, where he embarked on his early academic journey. Building upon this foundation, he pursued higher education at the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta. 

In 2013, he achieved a significant milestone by graduating from this esteemed institution, obtaining a degree in the specialized field of Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology, which focuses on the intricate discipline of Water Engineering.


During his years as a student at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Kizz Daniel embarked on a transformative journey into music, which would propelled him to widespread recognition and success.

In 2013, Kizz Daniel’s artistic expedition was set in motion as he inked a deal with G-Worldwide Entertainment. This marked the inception of his official music career. In May 2014, he unveiled his debut single, “Shoye,” showcasing his early prowess as a singer and songwriter.

Building on this momentum, he swiftly followed up with his second single, “Woju,” in September 2014. The release of “Woju” proved to be a turning point, as it struck a resonant chord with listeners, skyrocketing in popularity and cementing Kizz Daniel’s status as a rising star. The song’s infectious rhythm and captivating lyrics earned him a devoted fan base.

The year 2015 witnessed Kizz Daniel’s expansion into collaborations and remixes. He reinvigorated “Woju” with the addition of notable artists Davido and Tiwa Savage, creating a new version that resonated powerfully with audiences across Nigeria. Simultaneously, he released “Laye,” another compelling hit that further showcased his musical versatility and charisma.

In 2016, Kizz Daniel achieved a significant milestone with the launch of his debut studio album, “New Era.” This album featured a compilation of 20 tracks, including his previously successful singles “Woju” and “Laye.” The album solidified his presence in the Nigerian music scene and demonstrated his creative range.

In 2017, Kizz Daniel boldly severed ties with G-Worldwide Entertainment and embarked on a new chapter as an independent artist. He established his own record label, ‘FlyBoy Inc,’ marking a decisive move toward artistic autonomy. Under his label, he signed artists such as Demmie Vee and Philkeys, exemplifying his commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

With a fresh platform to create, Kizz Daniel unveiled his second studio album, “No Bad Songz,” a testament to his musical evolution and growth. Released under his FlyBoy Inc label, the album comprised 20 tracks and featured collaborations with a roster of international and Nigerian artists, including Davido, Philkeys, Diamond Platinum, Diplo, Nasty C, and Sarkodie.

Kizz Daniel’s artistic journey continued to thrive in subsequent years. In 2022, he dropped the hard-hitting single “Buga,” a collaboration with Tekno, which rapidly gained traction and resonated with audiences across social media platforms. This triumphant release, marked by its viral presence on platforms like TikTok, demonstrated Kizz Daniel’s ability to produce chart-topping hits consistently.

Further asserting his musical prowess, Kizz Daniel announced the impending release of his album titled “Where We Come From, Vol 1.” Scheduled for November 18, 2022, the album’s anticipation was stoked by the early release of the track “Cough (Odo),” which rapidly climbed the music charts and captured the attention of fans both in Nigeria and abroad.

In 2023, Kizz Daniel released another studio album, Maverick, comprising 20 tracks, including his hit and trending songs, Cough, RTID, Buga, and Shu Peru. The album was officially released on July 28.


  • Buga ft. Tekno
  • One Ticket
  • Woju
  • Mama
  • Lie
  • Pour me water
  • Yeba
  • Jombo
  • Ello Baby
  • No, do
  • 4days
  • Sin City (etc.)
  • Cough (Odo)

Personal Life

Kizz Daniel hails from a family of five children, where he holds the distinction of being the second child and the eldest son.

While maintaining a veil of privacy over his siblings’ identities, some details have surfaced. His eldest sister is recognized as Sophie Tolulope Anidugbe, while his younger brother is named Uthman Mofoluwato Anidugbe.

Tragedy struck Kizz Daniel’s life on May 9, 2015, when his father passed away after a brief illness. The bond he shared with his father was so profound that he disclosed intimate details to his father, including the moment he lost his virginity.

However, a rift emerged during the time of his father’s passing. Kizz Daniel could not attend his father’s burial, and he alleged that his record label had prevented him from attending. The label, in response, refuted the claim, stating that he had intentionally remained absent and had attributed superstitious beliefs to his relatives.

Despite these disagreements, Kizz Daniel took to his Instagram account on his late father’s birthday to express his remorse and regret. He referred to himself as a “stupid son” for not being present when he should have been and expressed the pain of missing his father. He also shared his disappointment in failing to fulfill a promise of gifting his father a car on his birthday.

The artist’s relationship with his former record label boss, Emperor Geezy, was marked by a contractual feud. This dispute had escalated to legal proceedings, but they eventually reached a settlement, putting an end to years of contention.

Kizz Daniel’s personal life has also been a subject of interest. He has a twin, born to his baby mama, Ovaloja, a Nigerian dancer, socialite, and promoter known for always wearing a mask. The twins, named Jelani and Jalil, were part of a triplet pregnancy but sadly lost one of the siblings during childbirth. Despite the loss, Kizz Daniel is a devoted father, taking on the role of a responsible parent and caring for his babies and their mother.

In the past, Kizz Daniel was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Chidinma, a Nigerian actress. These snippets from Kizz Daniel’s personal life provide insight into his journey as a family member, a father, and an individual navigating the challenges and joys of personal relationships and responsibilities.

Awards and Nominations

  • The Headies 2018
  • The Future Awards Africa 2017
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2017
  • MTV Africa Music Awards 2017
  • City People Awards 2015,2016

Social Media

Net Worth

The 30-years old talented artist had accomplished much for himself despite the crisis with his former record label and not performing or endorsing in any endorsement. His net worth has been estimated to be US$5m – US$10m.

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