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Jake Toranzo Austin Szymanski (born December 3, 1994) is a renowned American actor widely known by his screen name, Jake TAustin. His prominence stems from his pivotal portrayal of Max Russo in the Disney Channel hit series “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Furthermore, he lent his voice to the character Diego in the Nickelodeon animated series “Go, Diego, Go.”

In the widely acclaimed family drama series “The Fosters,” Jake assumed the role of Jesus, further solidifying his versatile acting abilities. He has also made notable appearances in various film projects, showcasing his talent and contributing to his multifaceted career.

Early Life

Jake T, presently 29-years of age, was born and raised in New York into the family of Giny Rodriquez Toranzo, his mother, who was of Spanish descent and an indigene of Puerto Rico, and his father, Joe Szymanski from Polish and of English ancestry. And a younger sibling, Ava Szymanski.

Growing up in a close-knit family from an early age allowed Jake to develop a strong sense of identity shaped by blending cultural traditions and values from both sides of his family.

Jake’s intellectual foundation was laid at West Nyack Elementary School as he embarked on his educational journey. Here, he began to explore his interests and develop his academic skills and interest in acting. This phase of his education provided a solid groundwork for his future pursuits.

Jake’s next milestone was graduating from Felix Festa Middle School, an institution in New York. 


Jake’s journey in the entertainment industry began at an astonishingly young age. When he was eight, he took his first steps into the limelight through commercials. Demonstrating remarkable talent and relentless dedication, he quickly ascended within this realm of advertising, marking the inception of an illustrious career.

His commercial prowess garnered a well-deserved recognition, culminating in a coveted opportunity to appear on the esteemed “Late Show with David Letterman.” This milestone showcased Jake’s ability to captivate audiences, propelling him towards more significant avenues in the entertainment world.

The fateful turning point arrived when he caught the attention of Nickelodeon’s entertainment executives. His exceptional acting skills, honed through years of experience, particularly shone through. As a testament to his versatility, he was entrusted with the role of lending his voice to the beloved character Dora the Explorer, an amination film that requires not just vocal talent but also an inherent ability to bring characters to life.

However, Jake’s breakthrough role in Nickelodeon’s newly launched show, “Diego Go Diego,” propelled him into the spotlight. This endeavor brought him astonishing achievements, solidifying his status as a rising star in the entertainment realm.

As the years rolled on, Jake’s career continued its upward trajectory. Venturing into animated films, his voice became integral to movies such as “The Ant Bully” and “Everyone’s a Hero.” However, his ambitions only confined him to voice acting. His charming and endearing appearance caught the attention of casting directors, leading him to secure a significant role in his debut live-action film, “The Perfect Game.”

Disney, renowned for its discerning eye in selecting talent, recognized Jake’s potential and cast him in the movie “Johnny Kapalaha.” His presence expanded further across television series, making memorable appearances in fan favorites like “Hannah Montana,” “The Suite Life on Deck,” and “The Wizard on Deck.” In 2009, the film “Hotel for Dogs” provided yet another platform for Jake to showcase his acting prowess.

Jake showcased his literary talents by penning his first script, “Kings of Subarbia,” in 2011. The achievement of publishing and selling this script was a testament to his multifaceted creativity. In a landmark move, Jake secured a contract with the esteemed 20th Century Fox, a testament to his burgeoning influence in the industry.

His association with animated films extended beyond voice acting, as he undertook the role of Fernando in the movie “Rio” and its sequel “Rio 2,” adding yet another layer to his diverse repertoire.

The years spanning from 2013 to 2016 marked a period of remarkable accomplishment. Jake took on roles in the series “Foster” and ventured into the world of beloved DC Comics characters, becoming a part of both the “Justice League” and “Teen Titans” series.

Personal Life

Jake’s romantic journey has intertwined with Danielle Caesar, a prominent figure on social media. Their connection is fascinating because it began with Danielle being an ardent fan of Jake. Her genuine admiration for him was consistently conveyed through her expressions of love and appreciation.

Jake currently lives between two iconic cities, Los Angeles and New York, each offering a unique atmosphere that fuels his creativity and passion for his craft. This bi-coastal lifestyle provides him a dynamic range of experiences and opportunities, contributing to his multifaceted presence in the entertainment industry.

Beyond his on-screen endeavors, Jake exhibits a profound commitment to philanthropy, particularly in children’s health and well-being. His affiliation with esteemed organizations like the Make-A-Wish FoundationThe Starlight Children Foundation, and Variety’s Power of Youth Initiatives exemplifies his dedication to positively impacting the lives of young children facing medical challenges.


  • The ant bully (2006)
  • Everyone’s a hero
  • Hotel for Dogs (2009)
  • The perfect game (2010)
  • Rio (2011)
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Khumba (2013)
  • Rio 2 (2014)
  • Tom Sawyer and the Huckleberry Finn
  • Grantham and Rose
  • Justice League and the Teen Titans (2016)
  • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017)
  • The Emoji
  • The Valley
  • The Adverse

Awards & Nomination

  • Young Artist Award (2006)

Imagen Awards

  • Young Artist Award (2007)
  •  ALMA Awards
  • Young Artist Awards (2008)
  • Imagen Awards
  • ALMA Awards
  • Young Artist Awards (2010)
  •  Hollywood Teen TV Awards (2012)
  • Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards (2013)
  • Teen Choice Awards
  • Teen Choice Awards (2014)
  • Teen Choice Awards (2015)

Social Media

  • Instagram @jakeaustin
  • Twitter @jakeaustin

Net Worth

Jake is known to be an actor and a writer who has generated for himself an estimated worth of US$5 million.

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