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Jennifer Hermoso (born May 9, 1990) is a distinguished Spanish professional women’s soccer player. Her remarkable skill set, which encompasses exceptional technical prowess, a knack for scoring goals, and a remarkable versatility on the pitch, sets her apart. Although primarily positioned as a forward, her reputation is built upon her precise finishing, imaginative playmaking, and impeccable positioning.

Early Life

Jennifer Hermoso, who currently stands at 54 years of age, originates from the dynamic and culturally rich city of Madrid, Spain’s bustling capital. Her formative years were deeply intertwined with the sport of soccer, a passion that ignited during her early childhood and was fanned into flames by her undeniable natural talent.

Jennifer Hermoso’s affinity for soccer manifested in her heart and actions as she navigated her youth. The sport was not just an activity for her but a calling, evident in the seamless and intuitive way she interacted with the ball. This innate connection propelled her to explore and cultivate her talents further.

The landscape of her early years was defined by an unwavering commitment to enhancing her skills. Jennifer embraced the challenge of constant improvement fervently, dedicating herself to arduous training sessions on the field and various aspects of the game. This diligence was fortified by the unwavering encouragement of her family, who recognized her potential and stood by her side.

As she embarked on her soccer journey, Jennifer Hermoso’s remarkable abilities garnered attention from her family and peers and from the local soccer community. Her undeniable prowess led her to be embraced by local youth soccer teams, where her contributions quickly transcended into standout performances. Her technical finesse, goal-scoring aptitude, and tactical understanding set her apart, making her an asset to her teams.

Fuelled by her unrelenting dedication to the sport, Jennifer Hermoso’s aspirations reached new heights. Her unquenchable thirst for growth and her belief in her capabilities led her to explore the professional dimension of soccer. Driven by a desire to refine her skills, she actively sought out opportunities for specialized training and development within the world of football.


Jennifer Hermoso embarked on her professional soccer journey with Rayo Vallecano in 2009, marking the inception of a remarkable career trajectory. Her debut was spectacular, quickly catching the soccer world’s attention with an astonishing ten goals in just eight appearances. These initial displays of prowess underscored her innate scoring ability and set the stage for her ascent.

Two seasons with Rayo Vallecano allowed Jennifer Hermoso to establish herself as a rising star. In 2013, she set her sights on new horizons, venturing to Tyreso in the Damallsvenskan league in Sweden. There, she continued to showcase her versatility and consistency, amassing 24 appearances and adding eight goals to her growing tally. Her journey didn’t stop there as she made her way to FC Barcelona later in the same year.

Her time at FC Barcelona marked a period of unparalleled success. Hermoso’s contributions were instrumental in the team’s triumphs, including multiple domestic league titles and Copa del Rey Femenino trophies. Throughout her tenure, she featured in 77 matches and scored a remarkable 66 goals, solidifying her status as a genuine game-changer. Her departure in 2016 marked the end of an era in Barcelona, but it was only a prelude to the next chapter of her journey.

The year 2017 witnessed Hermoso’s move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where her talents continued to shine. Her time with PSG spanned 19 appearances, during which she showcased her skills with six goals before she moved on to Athletico Madrid in 2019. Her stint with Athletico was marked by a prolific spell, amassing 35 appearances and an impressive 24 goals, further solidifying her reputation as a formidable forward.

The 2019 season saw a triumphant return to FC Barcelona Femini, a homecoming marked by resounding success. Over the next three seasons, Hermoso’s impact was nothing short of transformative, recording 100 appearances and an astonishing 86 goals. Her contributions propelled the team to new heights and reaffirmed her position as one of the sport’s luminaries.

In 2023, Jennifer Hermoso took her talents to the global stage as part of the Spanish national team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The culmination of her efforts resulted in the ultimate victory, as her team emerged as the tournament champions, solidifying her legacy as a world-class player.

On the international front, Hermoso has been a linchpin for the Spanish national team. Her participation in various UEFA Women’s European Championships and FIFA Women’s World Cups has been instrumental in Spain’s performances on the grand stage, further establishing her as an icon within the realm of women’s soccer.

Personal Life

Jennifer is currently single, but her romantic history once included rumors of a relationship with the acclaimed two-time Ballon d’Or winner, Alexia Putellas.

Standing at approximately 5 feet 9 inches, Jennifer possesses a commanding physical presence that complements her exceptional skills on the soccer field.

Social Media

Net Worth

Jennifer has about US$5 million estimated net worth.

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