May 19, 2024

Chinonso Emmanuel Ome (born July 12, 1994) is a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter known professionally as JayWillz. He has garnered significant acclaim for his musical prowess and is widely recognized for his hit songs “Medicine” and “Abena.”

JayWillz is a consistent artist in the industry and one of the fastest-rising artists in the industry.


  • Full Name: Chinonso Emmanuel Ome
  • Nick Name: JayWilz
  • Born: July 12, 1994 ([calculate_years datestring=”07/12/1994″])
  • Place of Birth: Enugu
  • Career: Singer • Songwriter

Early Life

JayWillz is an extraordinarily talented and rising artist from Enugu, Nigeria. He was born and raised in this vibrant city, which played a pivotal role in shaping his early years.

He received his primary and secondary education in Enugu, acquiring a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. As he embarked on his educational journey, JayWilz continued to nurture his passion for music, which eventually blossomed into a profound love for art.

During his formative years, JayWillz discovered his innate musical abilities and dedicated himself to honing his art. He wholeheartedly pursued his passion, captivating his peers and classmates with awe-inspiring performances. Eager to share his talent with a wider audience, JayWilz actively participated in numerous events, seizing every opportunity to showcase his remarkable skills.

JayWillz’s unwavering dedication and extraordinary talent have positioned him as a rising star in the music industry. With his unique blend of artistry and passion, he continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression wherever his music is heard.


JayWillz began his musical journey in 2010 and has since played an active role in the music industry. However, it was in 2020 that he truly gained prominence with the release of his smash hit single “Abena,” which swiftly garnered fame and propelled him into the spotlight.

In February 2020, JayWillz secured a record deal with Chaado Music Worldwide, a pivotal moment in his career that marked the beginning of a new chapter as an artist and brought him widespread recognition.

Following his rise to fame, JayWillz further solidified his position with the release of the viral sensation “Medicine,” a song that became immensely popular on TikTok and was on the lips of every Nigerian.

In May 2021, JayWillz unveiled his second EP, “Love or The World.” This 7-track EP showcased collaborations with prominent Nigerian artists such as ZlatanBella Shmurda, and Papisnoop.

On July 18, 2021, JayWillz continued his momentum by appearing on Oladmide’s album “UY Scuti,” further increasing his popularity. The featured collaboration earned JayWillz even more fame and helped him amass a stronger fan base.

In April 2023, JayWillz delighted his fans by releasing his highly anticipated debut album, “Pretty Inside.” The talented artist showcased his musical prowess and left his fans thrilled with the incredible tracks featured on the album.


  • Abena
  • Medicine
  • Nwayo
  • African Girl
  • African Girl Bad (featuring Papisnoop)
  • Murder
  • Ginger Yourself
  • Tattoo Love
  • My Way
  • Stay With Me

Personal Life

JayWillz has maintained a sense of privacy regarding his relationship status and family matters. While information about his personal life remains limited, it is speculated that he might currently be single, dedicating his focus to his music career.

Social Media

Instagram @jaywilzofficial

Twitter @JayWilz02

Net Worth

JayWilz currently has an estimated net worth of about US$300,000

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