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Juliana Belova (born January 15, 1997) is a renowned Russian-Ukrainian actress, model, and content creator best recognized as Oyibo Marlian. She is best known for her love of Nigerian culture and entertainment, which led her to make the life-changing decision to relocate to Nigeria. She has become one of the leading Nigerian content creators and shares most of her content on her social media platform.


  • Full Name: Juliana Belova
  • Nick Name: Oyibo Marlian
  • Born: January 15, 1997 ([calculate_years datestring=”01/15/1997″])
  • Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Career: Content Creator • Model • Actress
  • Net Worth: US$150,000

Early Life

Juliana Belova, popularly known as Oyibo Marlian, was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She had a close relationship with her mother, as her father had passed away, leaving her mother to care for her single-handedly.

Juliana completed her primary and secondary education in Moscow. During this time, she deeply admired Nigerian culture and entertainment. She found herself drawn to Nigerian content creators and became a devoted fan, regularly watching their videos and following their updates on social media.

Despite her mother’s concerns and objections, Juliana relocated to Nigeria. Her mother, who had been her sole caregiver, was worried about her immigrants and tried to persuade Juliana against it. However, Juliana‘s love for Nigerian culture and her desire to immerse herself in the Nigerian entertainment industry ultimately led her to pursue her dreams in Nigeria.


During her teenage years, Juliana Belova decided to learn English, which changed her life. She became proficient in the language and later pursued a degree in linguistics at the University of Moscow, Russia.

Her time at the university was transformative, and she graduated with a change in resolution and focus. The exposure to different languages and cultures broadened her perspectives and strengthened her love for languages. It ultimately led her to pursue her passion for Nigerian culture and entertainment, which led her to relocate to Nigeria and become a content creator.


Juliana Belova grew up to love music and entertainment and was moved to go into creating content and skits from Russia to Nigeria.  

The glamour of traditional music and food caught her attention, and she was hypnotized to get involved in the Nigerian lifestyle. 

While in Russia, she was privileged to get in contact with Nigerian clubs and got attracted to one of NAIRA MARLEY‘s songs titled “SOAPY,” which earned her the name “OYINBO MARLIAN.”  

As of October 2020, She moved to Nigeria with a relief of mission accomplished and started blending with Nigerians and their parole. She has yet to achieve much but tends to join musical and comedy influencers such as NAIRA MARLEY, LASISI ELENU, and SHAGGI with the mindset of making happiness through content skits. 

In addition to her successful career, Juliana has appeared in several Prominent Nigerian artist music videos, further propelling her as a rising entertainment celebrity.

Personal Life 

Julian Belova loves the atmosphere of joy and happiness, and because of this, she claims to be part of the Naija flow; she was also involved in the ENDSARZ movement and fully showed her support.

Juliana Belova is reportedly single and not involved in any romantic relationship. She focuses primarily on her career and professional endeavors, dedicating her time and energy to content creation and Nigerian entertainment industry contributions.

Why I had to Travel to Nigeria…

Juliana Belova gives her account of the story. She provides a clear explanation of why she chose to immigrate to Nigeria.

During my time in Russia, I had Nigerian friends who played a significant role in introducing me to Nigerian comedy. They would frequently share hilarious skits on their social media, and I found myself captivated by the unique humor portrayed in those videos. It dawned on me that people actually lived their lives with such spontaneity, waking up every day to create skits that brought joy to others. I developed a strong affinity for Nigerian comedy and felt a deep desire to be part of it. Despite never having been to Nigeria before, I knew deep down that this was what I wanted to pursue – comedy and video creation.

With determination in my heart, I dedicated two and a half months to saving enough money to make the journey. Eventually, I gathered sufficient funds and embarked on a solo trip to Nigeria without knowing anyone there.

My first encounter with Nigeria was love at first sight. As soon as I landed, I immediately noticed a distinct aroma in the air, unique to this country. I remember thinking, “Wow, what is this delightful scent?” Stepping outside, even at 4 a.m., I was greeted by intense heat that took me by surprise. It made me wonder how much hotter it would get when the sun rose. 

Initially, I was apprehensive, fearing that I might suffer from sunburn, but to my relief, that didn’t happen. I became increasingly fascinated by everything around me – the lively people, their passionate disputes, the ubiquitous presence of sachet water, and the open gutters. Every aspect of Nigeria seemed to captivate me, and I simply fell in love with it.

Presently, my aspirations revolve around creating skits, and there are a few individuals I greatly admire in the Nigerian comedy scene. My dream is to collaborate with the likes of Mr. Macaroni, Broda Shaggi, and Lasisi, as they are my personal favorites in the industry.

Social Media

Net Worth

Juliana Belova is estimated to have a net worth of approximately US$150,000. Her successful career as an actress, model, and content creator and rising prominence in the Nigerian entertainment industry has contributed to her financial success.

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