May 20, 2024

Joseph Etim (born March 10) is a young talented Nigerian Blogger, Media Personality and Entrepreneur born and raised in Lagos. He is best recognized as Chriz Joe, the CEO of TimzTell, a media blog that tells more about public figures.


  • Full Name: Joseph Etim
  • Nick Name: Chriz Joe
  • Place of Birth: Lagos State
  • Birthday: March 10
  • Parent: Mr & Mrs Etim
  • State of Origin: Akwa Ibom
  • Cousin: Kaptain Kush
  • Occupation: CEO @TimzTell

Early Life

Chriz Joe, a native of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria, was born into the Etim family, nurtured by the care of Mr and Mrs Etim. Growing up amidst the embrace of his siblings – two sisters named Peace Etim and Sarah Etim and a brother named John Etim – he experienced the joys and challenges of a typical family life.

Raised in a modest household, Chriz Joe pursued his education within the confines of a public school in his local community. It was at Abibat Mogaji Millennium Secondary School where he successfully obtained his West African Examination Certificate, marking a milestone in his academic journey.

During his formative years, Chriz Joe found himself closely connected to his cousin, Kaptain Kush, a TechBro, who held the position of CEO at Thecityceleb and was also an exceptionally talented singer and songwriter. Inspired by Kaptain Kush‘s musical prowess, Chriz Joe‘s curiosity was piqued, and he began to explore the art of singing under his cousin’s guidance. 

His natural ability to freestyle and captivate his friends with his performances at school swiftly garnered him recognition as an emerging artist among his peers.

However,¬†Chriz Joe‘s path took an unexpected turn as his focus shifted away from music. He discovered a passion for writing and embarked on a journey as a contributor to his cousin’s blog. Immersed in this new endeavour, he displayed a genuine eagerness to learn and grow, fueled by the opportunity to work alongside his Cousin, absorbing knowledge and honing his skills.


In 2022, Chriz Joe embarked on a significant venture by establishing his very own blog called TimzTell. This platform served as an avenue for him to delve into the lives and biographies of prominent figures in various industries, extending beyond the boundaries of his own profession. With unwavering dedication and commitment, Chriz Joe assumed the role of CEO, leading the operations and vision of TimzTell.

Renowned for his remarkable writing abilities, Chriz Joe consistently devoted himself to the growth and development of his website, TimzTell. The platform boasted an array of categories, encompassing actors, actresses, musicians, footballers, filmmakers, comedians, and more. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, Chriz Joe aimed to provide captivating insights into the lives of these public figures, captivating his audience with his in-depth articles.

In addition to his involvement in the realm of technology, Chriz Joe also embraced the realm of media entrepreneurship. His multifaceted nature extended to roles such as a manager and a website developer, showcasing his versatility and passion for creating and shaping digital experiences.

Personal Life

Chriz Joe, a striking and handsome young man, currently resides in the bustling city of Lagos state. With a steadfast focus on personal and professional growth, he is committed to building a thriving career and expanding his business ventures.

Social Media

Net Worth

Chriz Joe‘s current net worth remains undisclosed, but any updates regarding this information will be communicated once it is confirmed.

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