July 20, 2024

Victoria James (born June 26, 1996) is widely recognized as a multifaceted entrepreneur, acclaimed fashion designer, and proficient makeup artist known professionally as Veekee Janes. With a diverse skill set, she has carved her niche as a prominent content creator and influential figure in social media.

Victoria’s innate sense of style and artistic flair has propelled her to the forefront of Nigeria’s fashion and beauty scene, earning her widespread admiration and acclaim. Her distinctive creations have graced the wardrobes of numerous celebrities and adorned countless brides on their special day, further cementing her reputation as a remarkably talented fashion designer.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Victoria’s magnetic persona and creative prowess have solidified her status as a beloved personality in Nigeria. She garners a dedicated following of admirers who eagerly anticipate her latest endeavors in fashion and beauty.

Early Life

Veekee James was born and raised in Lagos state under her parents’ loving care and guidance. Raised alongside her siblings, she was immersed in a nurturing environment where creativity and skill were valued.

Her early exposure to the fashion world came through her mother, a highly esteemed tailor in their neighborhood. Her expertise and artistry became a source of inspiration for Veekee. Under her mother’s tutelage, Veekee honed her craft and developed a passion for design.

After completing her primary and secondary education in her local area, Veekee pursued higher education at the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, where she embarked on a journey to study Biochemistry. However, her academic pursuits were temporarily put on hold as she recognized the burgeoning potential of her fashion business.

With unwavering determination and a commitment to her career, Veekee focused on nurturing her burgeoning fashion enterprise. Leveraging her innate talent and acquired skills, she quickly gained recognition within the industry, propelling her to the forefront of Nigeria’s fashion landscape.


From her early years, Veekee harbored an unwavering passion for fashion. Under the guidance of her mother, a skilled tailor, she absorbed the fundamentals of dressmaking and design, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors.

Upon her decision to leave formal education, Veekee wholeheartedly embraced her fashion designing aspirations, dedicating herself to her career on a full-time basis. Her exquisite creations swiftly caught the eye of fashion enthusiasts, earning her widespread acclaim for her impeccable taste and attention to detail.

Victoria James’s reputation as a premier fashion designer soared as she crafted stunning garments for esteemed celebrities gracing the red carpet and radiant brides embarking on their marital journey. Collaborating with notable figures such as Osas Ighodaro and Mercy Chinwo among others, she solidified her status as a go-to designer within Nigeria’s entertainment sphere.

Through her unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, Veekee’s brand, VEEKEE JAMES, has flourished into a household name in Nigeria’s fashion industry. Her entrepreneurial understanding and creative vision have propelled her business to success and earned her recognition in the media landscape, where she continues to showcase her exceptional talent and distinctive style.

Personal Life

VeekeeĀ recently celebrated a significant milestone as she tied the knot with Mr. Atere. While details about her husband are relatively scarce, Veekee shared glimpses of her wedding day, radiating happiness alongside her handsome partner in the snapshots she posted. The news of her marriage came as a pleasant surprise to her fans and followers, who eagerly extended their heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @Veekee_james

Net Worth

Veekee has become a top personality in Nigeria, and with her fashion business, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of US$500,000.

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