July 12, 2024

Kehinde Alli (born on July 9, 1969) is a successful and prominent business icon who has recently made waves in the public sphere by revealing their biological connection as the father of Dele Alli, the renowned international football star.”

Early Life 

Kehinde Alli was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo state. Their family background is a testament to the spirit of achievement, with Chief Sanusi Alli, a revered accountant, and Alhaja Rafat Alli, a trailblazing entrepreneur, leading the way. Amongst their siblings, Kehinde finds an inseparable connection with his twin brother, Taiwo Alli, as they navigate life’s adventures together. With its warmth and ambition, this dynamic family sets the stage for Kehinde’s extraordinary path forward.


Kehinde’s educational journey has taken them on a remarkable path of growth and achievement. Starting at ICC Primary School in the bustling city of Mokola, Ibadan, they laid the foundation for their academic pursuits. After graduating from Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School in Ikeja, Lagos, Kehinde’s dedication and hard work propelled them forward.

Their thirst for knowledge led them to pursue a degree in Business Administration at Ogun State Polytechnic, where they excelled and graduated successfully. Undeterred by their accomplishments, Kehinde continued to reach for greater heights, earning a degree from Obafemi Awolowo University, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Their academic journey culminated in a bold move to the United Kingdom, where Kehinde embarked on a master’s degree in Information System Management at DeMontfort University in London. This international pursuit of knowledge showcases their ambition and determination to broaden their horizons.

With each educational milestone, Kehinde’s intellectual prowess and dedication shine, laying the groundwork for a promising future filled with endless possibilities.


Kehinde’s career trajectory is a remarkable testament to their determination and adaptability. Initially beginning their professional journey as a bank worker in Lagos, they swiftly transitioned into IT consulting in London, embracing new opportunities and challenges.

Relocating to Canada, Kehinde’s career soared to new heights as they found themselves thriving in a role at Accenture. Fueling their entrepreneurial spirit, they joined forces with their twin brother to establish Twintech Service Inc., embarking on a path of innovation and success. 

Their ventures expanded even further as they ventured to the United States, where they excelled at IBM and managed a flourishing home healthcare agency in the vibrant city of Houston.

Personal Life 

In a series of personal events, Kehinde’s life took various turns. His first marriage to Dennis Fitch on April 11, 1996, resulted in the birth of their first son, Dele Alli, a year later. However, shortly after Dele’s birth, Kehinde and Dennis divorced. Kehinde then entered into a new relationship with Omolara Alli, with whom he had four children: Demi, Dara, Damisi, and Deolu.

Dele, Kehinde’s son, was subsequently adopted by foster parents Alan and Sally Hickford in London. Dele’s life took a different path as he grew up and became highly successful in his football career, achieving multimillionaire status while playing for the English National Team and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Unfortunately, Kehinde and Dele have struggled to establish a close relationship over the years, finding it challenging to connect on a personal level. In light of this, Kehinde has decided to disclaim the Alli surname, expressing that it does not resonate with his identity. He has chosen to reveal the details surrounding his parents and his personal journey.

Social Media 

  • Instagram: @allibalogunk 
  • Twitter: @Kehindeballi

Net worth 

Kehinde has risen to prominence as one of the wealthiest Black entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, with an estimated fortune of $5 million. 

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