June 20, 2024

OgheneFure Eviosekwofa (Age 36) is a distinguished Nigerian entrepreneur and billionaire who has significantly impacted the technology sector. As the visionary founder and Chief Executive Officer of Furex App, he has carved out a prominent position for himself and his company in the competitive business landscape.

Fure Eviosekwofa has emerged as a key figure in the Nigerian business scene. His entrepreneurial journey took a pivotal turn with the establishment of Furex App, a cutting-edge trading platform that has become a market leader in Nigeria and Africa. This platform facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies and gift cards, catering to a diverse user base seeking seamless and secure transactions.

Early Life

The young billionaire was born and raised in Nigeria. Growing up, he spent his formative years under the care of his parents, who instilled in him the values of hard work and determination. His educational journey led him to Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo State, where he pursued and successfully earned a degree in Chemistry.

An unwavering passion for technology-related endeavors fueled his journey into the tech world. This enthusiasm drove him to explore opportunities within the digital landscape, leading him to discover a potential market for selling airtime and data. Undeterred by challenges, he embarked on his entrepreneurial path during his university years.

Setting up his initial operation as a data seller, he established his first office in a modest one-room apartment, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to succeed. Despite the humble beginnings, he diligently pursued his vision, leveraging his passion for technology to navigate the complexities of the business world.


Fure Eviosekwofa’s career trajectory began to crystallize during his university years when he discovered his deep-seated passions for Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Finance, and Tech. The spark ignited when he ventured into trading airtime and data, an endeavor that showcased his natural inclination toward technology and laid the foundation for his future pursuits. 

Fueling his passion, Fure established his first office as a data seller in a modest one-room apartment, demonstrating his early entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to technology. During this period, his unwavering focus and diligence garnered him a reputation that opened doors to further opportunities, establishing Furetin Data Services as a trusted entity on campus.

In 2016, Fure’s journey into the digital realm took a significant turn as he successfully navigated the complexities of trading gift cards, overcoming initial setbacks driven by his relative lack of experience. Undeterred by challenges, he recognized the evolving landscape and the growing demand for reliable platforms in the cryptocurrency space. 

This realization prompted the launch of Furetin Xchanger in 2017, a comprehensive platform designed to meet the needs of customers transitioning from their data business who sought a trustworthy avenue for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

In 2023, he achieved acclaim when his recently launched application, Furex, garnered recognition as the most innovative cryptocurrency and gift card trading app. This accolade came just three months after the app was introduced to the market, marking a swift and impressive acknowledgment of its pioneering features and contributions to the digital asset trading landscape.

Fure’s career continued to ascend as he organically grew himself and his company, leveraging a trending multi-level marketing platform to navigate cryptocurrency transactions without the need for traditional fiat currency. His expertise in this domain laid the groundwork for the official launch of Furetin Xchanger, popularly known as “FUREX,” a platform that has garnered support from high-profile influencers like Ola of Lagos, IsokoBoy, Josh2funny, and IsbeaU, who now serve as brand ambassadors. 

Personal Life

Fure is wedded to a captivating woman whose identity remains undisclosed to the public, as he intentionally keeps his family life away from the spotlight. He is also a father of a cute baby boy.

Beyond the tech world, Fure is a multifaceted individual with interests in music, cars, and basketball and an avid reading habit, showcasing a well-rounded personality beyond the confines of his professional pursuits.

Social Media

Net Worth

Fure has an accumulated net worth of about US$5 million to US$ 10 million.

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