May 25, 2024

Linus William Ifejika (born on March 14, 1998) is a renowned Nigerian entrepreneur and a prominent Instagram celebrity known professionally as B-Lord (Bitcoin Lord). He is best recognized as the richest African Bitcoin Vendor and the founder and CEO of Blord Group of Company, a Cryptocurrency Company. 


  • Name: Linus William Ifejika
  • Other Name: Blord
  • Career: Business Entrepreneur
  • Place of Birth: Umuji Ebenebe Akwa North, Anambra state
  • Wife: Linus Francisca
  • Children: Elliot
  • Net Worth: US$5 million

Early Life 

Blord, 29 years of age, was born and raised in Umuji Ebenebe Akwa North, Anambra state, where he spent his formative years under his parent’s care alongside his siblings.

He is the first child in a family of seven and also the first son. Blord grew up in Anambra, where he completed his basic and secondary education and further pursued his higher education at the Anambra State University, graduating with a degree in Computer Science.


Blord‘s career began at a remarkably young age, fueled by his unwavering drive for success. Determined to pursue his dreams, he made the bold decision to leave his parent’s house at the tender age of 17.

His journey commenced in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of cryptocurrency trading. Blord, who was dedicated and had a keen sense of opportunity, laid a solid foundation and swiftly earned a reputable name for himself in the world of cryptocurrency. 

His relentless determination for financial breakthroughs propelled him forward, allowing him to navigate the uncertainties of the industry and ultimately achieve remarkable success in the world of Bitcoin.

Through his undefined and tireless work ethic, BlLord’s efforts paid off handsomely. At the remarkable age of 20, he achieved the extraordinary milestone of becoming a millionaire. Not content with resting on his laurels, he expanded his ventures by establishing a range of business entities, including the Blord Group of Companies, Bitcoin Store, Gadget Store, Luxury Store, Automobile Center, JetPay, and Bill Point.

With his shrewd business acumen and relentless pursuit of excellence, Blord has solidified his position as a young and accomplished entrepreneur, leaving an indelible mark in the business world.

Personal life 

Currently, Blord is happily married to the lovely Linus Francisca, who happens to be a medical doctor by profession. Their family is blessed with an adorable child, Elliot, just a year after their marriage. Their family continues to thrive, cherishing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.

Social Media

Net Worth 

Blord has become an influential celebrity and Entrepreneur in Nigeria. He has been estimated to be worth over US$5 million.

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