May 19, 2024

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka (born May 23, 1989) is a famous and prominent Nigerian influencer, Entrepreneur and relationship expert known professionally as Blessing CEO. She is known for her videos where she talks about Love, relationships and sex and shares her thoughts on her social media platform.

Early Life

Blessing, the esteemed 34-year-old luminary, proudly originates from the tranquil town of Onicha in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Her early years were profoundly influenced by the warm embrace of her parents, known as Mr. and Mrs. Okoro. Within the sanctuary of her close-knit family, she shared her upbringing with her three beloved siblings: Amara Okoro, Amaka Okoro, and Precious Okoro.

Although specific information about her parents is somewhat scarce, Blessing’s mother, affectionately referred to as Kia, occupies a prominent and cherished place in her life. Regrettably, when it comes to her father, the details remain shrouded in mystery, casting a veil of intrigue over this particular facet of her family history.


Blessing’s professional journey commenced in the challenging realm of relationship counselling, where she quickly made a name for herself within the bustling Nigerian landscape. Specializing in advising and guiding women through intricate relationship issues, Blessing demonstrated a remarkable insight into the complexities of human connections.

The origins of her career path are deeply personal, rooted in a traumatic experience from her past. Blessing emerged from a toxic relationship where she endured domestic abuse. This painful chapter in her life catalyzed her passion for helping others. Motivated by her harrowing experiences, she embarked on a mission to counsel couples, particularly women, to enlighten them about the nuances of domestic violence and offer them the support and guidance they desperately needed.

In a bold move to extend her reach and impact, Blessing founded “BREAK OR MAKE UP,” a platform that serves as a haven for individuals seeking advice, solace, and companionship. Through this platform, she shares her profound thoughts via videos, addressing many relationship topics and shedding light on the intricacies of Love and partnership. Additionally, BREAK OR MAKE UP functions as a space where people can connect and find their soulmates, fostering an environment of understanding and mutual respect.

Recognizing the power of social media, Blessing strategically leveraged various platforms to amplify her message. She frequently shares insightful videos on popular channels such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Through these mediums, she imparts wisdom and engages with her audience, creating a supportive community where individuals can learn, share, and grow.

Personal Life

Blessing CEO is currently navigating the challenging journey of single motherhood with grace and determination. Despite numerous trials, she has remained unmarried and has chosen not to showcase romantic involvement on her active social media platforms.

Blessing is the loving mother of two children, two sons. Her firstborn, Darel Lucky Okoh, holds a special place in her heart, and her second son, Bryan Dgreat, adds joy and fulfilment to her life.

Blessing’s life turned for the worse at a young age when she found herself in a toxic relationship at 18 years old. She tied the knot with a man named Lucky, who was a decade older than her. Unfortunately, their relationship was marred by domestic violence and toxicity, leading to its eventual demise after three years.

In recent times, Blessing CEO has become a prominent figure in the media spotlight due to her ongoing controversy with another individual, Verydarkblackman. The two have engaged in online exchanges, trolling each other and sharing videos that mock one another. This public spectacle has captivated the attention of their fans on social media, leaving them both amazed and intrigued.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @officialblessingceo
  • Twitter (X): @officialblessingceo
  • TikTok: @Offical Blessing CEO
  • Facebook: @Blessing CEO

Net Worth

Blessing is a prominent figure in Nigeria, and she has accumulated an estimated net worth of about US$500,000.

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