May 25, 2024

Sarah Banks (born on April 23, 1997) is a formidable actress who happens to be a speck and an attraction in the adult film industry; over the years, she has been able to draw attention to herself through her impeccable beauty and professional performances worldwide. As a star in the industry, facts and figures have shown that she is worth the accolades.

Early Life

Sarah was born into the heritage of African Americans, and it was a privilege to be raised in the community of Calabasas, California. Open to the vast understanding of culture, she experienced a livelihood at an early stage, being brought up by her parents as the very first child. Much information is yet to be revealed about who her siblings were or her background.


Sarah Banks is a known actress in the adult category and part of the entertainment industry. Shown to the film and entertainment, she was opportune to make her very first debut, and right from 2016’s exposure, she became a star and a center of attraction.

She was admired and referred to for her incomparable acting skills and performances, bringing words to life through characters. She was indeed productive in the industry, an investment that has yielded both to herself and to the public.

Determined, Sarah pushed herself through her works with signed studios and industry, which featured in adult films such as Digital Playground, Brazzers, etc, featuring in films like Dirty Masseur 10, Swallowed 14, etc.

She has been involved in gaming, performing, and recognized in camming platforms, which added to her career, satisfying her audience with content on what she loves doing.

Personal Life

It has been proved that there have not been any traces of relationship or love ties attached to her; she tends to be focused on her achievement and to remain what pleases her audience.


  • AVN Awards nominee
  • Fan Awards
  • Most Epic Ass
  • Spank Bank Awards

Social Media

  • Instagram: @Sarahbanksoffi
  • Twitter: @Mrssarahbnkx

Net Worth

Her primary source of income, known to be a member of the entertainment industry, has generated over US$2 million for herself.

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