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John Ikechukwu Okafor (born on October 17, 1961; Age: 62) is a prominent and highly respected Nigerian Veteran actor known professionally as Mr. Ibu. He has also earned a notable spot as a Comedian after his several comedic performances while acting.

Mr. Ibu is widely acknowledged as one of Nigeria’s most gifted comedic talents. His humor-filled performances are distinguished by a delightful blend of foolishness, hilarious characterizations, and a keen detachment from reality. He has graced the screens in numerous Nigerian movies, setting a benchmark for emerging actors in the country.

Early Life

Mr. Ibu was born and raised in Nkanu West L.G.A. Enugu, where he shared his upbringing with his parents and siblings. Among his siblings, only one, Queen Chioma Egboh, is publicly recognized.

He completed his primary education in Nkanu before moving to Sapele to live with his brother following their father’s passing in 1974. In Sapele, John took on various odd jobs to fund his education and support his family. He worked as a hairstylist and photographer and also worked at a crate production company.

Despite financial challenges, he managed to attend secondary school. After graduation, he gained admission to the College of Education, Yola, but had to leave due to financial constraints. He re-entered the educational arena by enrolling in the Institute of Management and Technology (I.M.T.), Enugu.

Before his foray into acting in 1997, Mr. Ibu delved into film production. He acquired valuable skills in the field and started his journey in film production before transitioning into acting.


John Okafor, famously known as Mr. Ibu, embarked on his journey as a film producer in the Nigerian film industry. Initially, he had no intentions of acting; however, his natural comedic talent was hard to ignore. 

Encouraged by a friend, he ventured into acting, bringing laughter and joy to his movies, quickly gaining popularity. His comedic performances resonated with audiences, leading him to collaborate with other renowned actors and participate in numerous films.

Mr. Ibu’s filmography boasts over 200 movies, all of which became hits and dominated conversations during their release time. His breakthrough came with the film “Mr Ibu and Sons,” where he shared the screen with Osita Iheme, professionally known as PawPaw. This project catapulted him to massive fame, establishing him as a sensational and highly respected actor in the Nigerian Nollywood scene. His cheerful and comedic films have brought smiles to the faces of countless Nigerians.

In addition to his acting prowess, John Okafor was once a martial artist specializing in Shotokan Karate from age 16. His dedication led him to earn a black belt, and he further honed his skills through training in various martial arts institutions across Nigeria.


Mr Ibu has featured in many films, and some of his most popular films include:

  • Agony, 1998
  • Vuga, 2000
  • Police Recruit, 2003
  • Nicodemus, 2003
  • Ngozi: Abeg Marry Us, 2003
  • Naomi, 2003
  • Informant, 2003
  • Fresh Pain, 2003
  • Civil War, 2003
  • Bullet, 2003
  • Unbreakable, 2004
  • Mr. Ibu in London, 2004
  • Mr. Ibu, 2004
  • James & John, 2004
  • Mr. Ibu, 2004
  • James & John, 2004
  • Dollars from Germany, 2004
  • The Councillor, 2005
  • Joshua, 2005
  • Common Sense, 2005
  • Circles of Live, 2005
  • 9 Wives, 2005
  • The Return of Mama-G, 2006
  • The Journalist, 2006
  • Sweet Mama, 2006
  • Store Keeper, 2006
  • Recharge Card, 2006
  • Over Heat, 2006
  • Men on the Run, 2006
  • Four Forty, 2006
  • Final Surrender, 2006
  • Dear Mama, 2006

Personal Life

Mr. Ibu, currently 62 years old, has experienced significant events in his personal and health life over the past few years. He has been married twice; the details of his first marriage, which produced a daughter named Jasmine Okafor, remain undisclosed. However, Jasmine Okafor is an alleged adopted child of Mr Ibu.

He is currently married to Stellar Maris Okafor, and their union, spanning over 13 years, has been blessed with four children: Emmanuel Mandela Okafor, Chelsea Okafor, and Jay Jay Okafor.

In 2022, Mr Ibu faced a life-threatening situation when he was allegedly poisoned by a staff member and a relative during an event. Fortunately, he survived the poisoning after being swiftly taken to a private hospital, where he received treatment and expressed his gratitude to God for his recovery.

However, in 2023, Mr Ibu encountered another health crisis as he suffered from leg decay, a condition caused by inadequate blood flow in his leg. He was promptly hospitalized, and he is currently undergoing treatment. Due to the seriousness of his condition, he needs to receive medical care outside of Nigeria, where appropriate facilities are available. 

Concerned Nigerians, including Verydarkman and many others, have appealed to fellow citizens to extend their helping hands and support Mr. Ibu for his treatment. Despite spending a considerable amount on his health, his condition has not improved, necessitating him to be flown out of Nigeria for the appropriate medical attention.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @realmribu
  • TikTok: @johnokafor__

Net Worth

Mr. Ibu is a prominent Nigerian actor with significant influence in the movie industry. His estimated net worth is over US$3 million, reflecting his successful career and financial achievements.

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