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Jamie Appleby (Born November 24, 1986; Age: 37 years) is a prominent Canadian personality in the music industry, a multifaceted music executive, accomplished musician, and skilled songwriter renowned as the co-founder and head of A&R at Wax Records, a distinguished Canadian record label, Appleby has etched his name in the annals of the music world through his discoveries, contributions, and visionary leadership.

Early Life & Education

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Appleby’s journey in music was destined from the start. He honed his musical prowess at York University, where he pursued and earned a master’s degree in jazz composition. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his future accomplishments.


Appleby’s professional odyssey commenced with a strategic role as a marketing executive at Sony Music Entertainment. His expertise and dedication soon led him to the position of head of marketing at Wind-up Records, a prominent New York-based record label. Working alongside esteemed artists such as Evanescence, Creed, Finger Eleven, and Seether, he contributed to the label’s success and expanded his industry knowledge.

In 2008, Appleby embarked on a pivotal endeavor, establishing Wax Records. His brainchild proved to be a transformative force in the Canadian music landscape. Under his leadership, Wax Records flourished, becoming a hub for nurturing emerging talent and fostering artistic growth. Appleby’s uncanny ability to recognize potential catapulted him into the limelight as he discovered and signed remarkable artists such as Alyssa Reid, Virginia to Vegas, Autumn Hill, and Wildlife.

One of Appleby’s defining achievements came in 2012 when Wax Records formed an exclusive partnership with Universal Music Group. This strategic collaboration amplified the label’s influence, allowing its remarkable talent portfolio to reach even greater heights.

Appleby’s prowess extended beyond executive roles. His songwriting abilities garnered recognition and acclaim. His contributions to Alyssa Reid’s hit “Alone Again” earned him the prestigious SOCAN award for Pop Song of the Year in 2012. This accolade was echoed in 2015 when his songwriting on Virginia to Vegas‘ record “We Are Stars” again earned him the SOCAN award, affirming his songwriting excellence.

As a Canadian music luminary, Jamie Appleby’s journey is marked by innovation, foresight, and an unfailing commitment to musical excellence. His impact on the industry, from his early marketing days to founding and shaping Wax Records, continues to resonate through the artists he discovered, the partnerships he forged, and the melodies he crafted.

Personal Life

Jamie has kept his personal life and romantic life away from the media’s attention. There is currently no information about his girlfriend or wife. Although he frequently shares pictures of his daughter, Joely, who is presumably 15 years of age.

Social Media

  • Instagram; @jamieapples

Net Worth

Jamie Appleby is a renowned music executive with an estimated net worth of $1million.

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