May 19, 2024

Oladips‘ mother, fondly referred to as Iya Aje, hails from Ogun state in the western part of Nigeria, as disclosed by her son. While there is scant information available about her, her son’s acknowledgment reflects a deep connection to his roots.

In a saddening incident preceding Oladips‘ untimely demise, His close friend shared a heartfelt post during a critical moment when he needed urgent medical attention. Remarkably, his mother, Iya Aje, demanded that he be brought to her instead of taking her son to the Hospital. This poignant request resonated with his followers and added a layer of emotional complexity to the unfolding events.

The circumstances surroundingĀ Oladips‘ passing remain mysterious, with limited details available to the public. In the wake of this tragedy, fans and the wider community anxiously await an official statement from the family, hoping for insights that could offer clarity and closure amid this somber moment.

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