June 20, 2024

The late TB Joshua was widely recognized as a benevolent Man of God, commanding a substantial global following. Renowned both locally and internationally, he earned his reputation as a dedicated, charismatic pastor, televangelist, and philanthropist. As the founder of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, a Christian megachurch based in Lagos, he also operated the Emmanuel TV television station.

However, his legacy recently faced severe criticism and public backlash on social media following revelations made by the BBC, a reputable news channel. The BBC conducted an in-depth investigation, compiling evidence into a forthcoming documentary. The allegations levelled against TB Joshua include involvement in various sexual crimes and life-threatening incidents, with numerous victims courageously sharing their experiences and detailing their ordeals in the film.

The response to these accusations has been divided among his followers. Some staunchly defend his innocence, viewing him as a true man of God, while others express little surprise at the allegations. Unfortunately, TB Joshua’s demise prevents him from addressing these charges and defending his name.

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According to the BBC, attempts were made to validate the claims by reaching out to the current leader of the church. The leader dismissed the allegations, stating, “Making unfounded allegations against TB Joshua is not a new occurrence… None of the allegations was ever substantiated.

The shocking revelations have left Nigerians and His international followers in disbelief, as the man they believed to be a divine messenger is now accused of monstrous acts.

 Many eagerly await the documentary’s release to either dispel doubts or confirm their worst fears. Meanwhile, some individuals grapple with the emotional aftermath, as they feel the man they once revered shattered their lives. They are grateful for the opportunity to share their painful experiences finally.

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