July 23, 2024

Who is Mr Olabode Olawuyi?

Mr. Olabode Olawuyi was a well-respected member of the Zoological Garden at Obafemi Awolowo University. His tenure, which spanned decades, was marked by a deep commitment to the care and management of the campus zoo, earning him widespread respect and admiration within the university community.

Tragically, on the fateful day of February 19th, 2024, a sense of dread descended upon the zoo. Mr. Olawuyi, engaged in his routine duty of feeding the inhabitants, encountered a catastrophic turn of events when he faced a fatal encounter with a nine-year-old lion, a creature he had nurtured and tended to since its birth.

Accounts from eyewitnesses and the school’s Public Relations Officer, Abiodun Olanrewaju, shed light on the grim circumstances surrounding Mr. Olawuyi’s demise. Despite his profound understanding and strong rapport with the animals, an unforeseen incident unfolded as one of the male lions breached its enclosure, launching a brutal attack on the dedicated caretaker.

In the face of this harrowing ordeal, the valiant efforts of Mr. Olawuyi’s colleagues to intervene and rescue him were ultimately in vain, as the sheer ferocity of the lion proved insurmountable.

The aftermath of this tragic event sent shockwaves throughout the entire community of Obafemi Awolowo University, instilling a profound sense of sorrow and panic among students, faculty, and staff alike. The sudden loss of such a beloved and respected figure has left an irreplaceable void within the university’s fabric, prompting reflection on the inherent risks associated with wildlife conservation efforts.

In response to the tragedy, the university authorities acted swiftly and decisively. Recognizing the need to ensure the safety and security of both the campus community and the surrounding area, the lion responsible for the fatal attack was promptly euthanized, a decision made with heavy hearts but deemed necessary to prevent any further harm.

In the wake of this devastating loss, the University management, represented by a solemn delegation, extended their heartfelt condolences and unwavering support to the bereaved family of Mr. Olawuyi. Their presence served as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of his contributions and the profound sense of loss felt by all who knew him.

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