May 19, 2024

Gnewzy, a rising star in the music industry, found himself trapped in a harrowing ordeal when reports surfaced that he had been abducted in Delta state. The confirmation came from Eric Many Records, the label he was associated with, further intensifying the gravity of the situation. The ransom demanded by the kidnappers was a staggering $200,000 (equivalent to N260 million), adding a chilling dimension to the already distressing circumstances.

Details emerged indicating that Gnewzy was taken shortly after a performance at a nightclub in Ughelli, Delta state, during the early hours of a Monday morning. Adedayo Showemimo, the coordinator of the label’s projects, shed light on the sequence of events, underscoring the suddenness and brutality of the abduction.

In a fortunate turn, Gnewzy’s manager, Obas9ice, managed to evade the kidnappers’ clutches and has since been collaborating with law enforcement to furnish crucial insights into the incident. The cooperation between Obas9ice and the authorities underscores the urgency and seriousness with which the situation is being addressed.

Adding to the tension, the kidnappers reportedly made direct contact with Dilly Umenyiora, the head of Eric Many Records, via email, where they brazenly demanded an exorbitant ransom. 

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