May 21, 2024

An American entrepreneur named Anita Brown has made serious allegations against famous singer Davido, accusing him of fathering her unborn child. Taking to her Instagram page, Anita shared a series of posts detailing her claims and providing evidence to support her case.

According to Anita, she first encountered Davido in Dubai back in 2017, emphasizing that their relationship was not a mere one-night stand. She even went on to share screenshots of what appeared to be romantic exchanges between them, attempting to validate her assertions.

To strengthen her allegations, Anita uploaded a video of herself taking a pregnancy test, which yielded a positive result. Additionally, she posted a backstage video from one of Davido’s concerts in September 2018, seemingly aiming to establish a connection between their encounters.

In one of the shared messages, Davido allegedly boasted about engaging in unprotected intercourse, suggesting that he has had similar experiences with other women in the past. He also mentioned that certain women had dealt with such situations for him due to his circumstances, implying that Anita was a temporary relief from his burdens.

Anita Brown also revealed conversations she had with Davido’s cousin, Clarks Adeleke, where he intervened on the singer’s behalf. Adeleke urged Anita Adeleke’s family would acknowledge and support the child.

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