April 17, 2024

Destiny Amaka, a prominent figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, has recently garnered significant attention following her appearance on Inside Scoop by Pulse, where she was interviewed by TV host Uriel Oputa. 

Known primarily as an actress, Amaka’s remarks during the interview sparked controversy and ignited discussions across various platforms.

In a moment that stirred debate, Amaka expressed a bold viewpoint, stating that she finds it difficult to be sexually aroused by men who lack financial stability. This statement, delivered amidst discussions on relationships and preferences, quickly caught the public’s attention and became a topic of widespread discourse.

During the interview, when asked about the strangest requests or inquiries she had encountered as a sexual health advocate, Amaka’s response further fueled the controversy. With honesty, she disclosed that nothing struck her as stranger than propositions from financially unstable individuals, particularly emphasizing her stance on “broke guys.”

Expanding on her perspective, Amaka delved into the dynamics of modern relationships, particularly highlighting the prevalent notion among some young men who believe that offering sex alone suffices to attract a partner. She emphasized that, from her standpoint, such a limited approach to courtship lacks appeal, asserting unequivocally, “I can’t be sexually aroused if you’re broke.”

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