May 23, 2024
Water & Garri

Water & Garri

Water and Garri” delves into the life of Aisha, a determined fashion designer who has carved a promising career path in the bustling fashion industry of the United States. However, her trajectory takes a sharp turn when she receives news of a family tragedy, prompting her to return to her homeland after a decade-long absence.

Upon her arrival, Aisha is greeted by a landscape drastically altered from the one she left behind. The once-familiar streets now pulse with an undercurrent of violence and unrest, leaving Aisha grappling with a sense of displacement and disorientation. As she navigates the turbulent waters of her hometown, she finds herself confronted by external challenges and the ghosts of her past.

Reconnecting with her family, old friends, and a former flame, Aisha embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She is forced to confront the scars left by her prolonged absence and the guilt that haunts her conscience. Each encounter serves as a mirror, reflecting the complex tapestry of emotions that comprise her identity and the bonds that tether her to her roots.

Authored by Comfort Emmanuel and skillfully directed by Meji Alabi, “Water and Garri” is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and redemption. Produced by a talented team including Vanessa Amadi-Ogbonna, Meji Alabi, and Jimi Adesanya, the film boasts a stellar cast led by the incomparable Tiwa Savage in the role of Aisha, alongside Andrew Bunting, Mike Afolarin, and Jemima Osunde, whose performances breathe life into the rich tapestry of characters that populate this captivating narrative.

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